Monday, September 28, 2020
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Guys Who Shop With Girls

David Conley/New University

By Marko Ocampo

Shopping is one of my favorite things to do with my girlfriend.  Whether it is for clothes, food or music, shopping has allowed us to learn more about each other’s interests and embellish our relationship through the places we visit. I’m here to tell guys that shopping with your girlfriend can be a fun and nurturing activity. Here’s how I learned to love shopping with my girlfriend.
For years I had believed shopping was something that I couldn’t enjoy. But the moment I started going on dates to  interesting places was when I began to enjoy shopping.

One of the best dates I have had thus far consisted of window-shopping in downtown Carlsbad. It was my first date with a girl. Naturally, I was a bit nervous. We began by visiting a few antique shops and record stores. As we walked through the corridors of these shops, we would find things that would catch our attention and found ourselves talking about why we liked them or how they related to a story in our lives. As we continued our walk,  we would find silly things to laugh about. Our window-shopping adventure allowed me to discover more about this girl I had a crush on. By the way, I am currently dating my shopping-buddy crush.

A key to any good date is the way the conversation unravels. Communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. My crush and I definitely seemed to have the communication zone covered. Our easy conversations allowed me to be myself around her and vice versa. This allowed us to both have fun without spending a single penny. And being the poor college student that I am, that was  fine with me.

It was on this specific date that I saw shopping with a new eye. It wasn’t just about going to the mall to purchase the “in” fashion trends, although that’s pretty fun too. Our shopping trip was about getting to know our shopping buddy a little better   so both of us would find the experience enjoyable.

However, this pleasurable shopping experience also reminded me of not-so-fun shopping dates I’ve had in the past.   In high school, I had the worst experiences shopping with girls, who at the time I thought were really interesting but in reality weren’t. It’s boring having to wait outside for your date to try on clothes as you sit outside a girly shop, counting the number of people that walk by. That’s not what shopping should be about. Luckily, those things have changed for me by going on dates with the right girl. That way, dates to the mall don’t turn out to be awkward.

Although  it might seem tricky to find shopping fun, I assure you, gentlemen, we aren’t always supposed to be seen as a shaggy dog obediently following our owners as our tails are slumped between our legs. Through my experience, shopping is an activity that can make two people’s relationship stronger as you get to know the likes and dislikes of the other through the shops you enter and the conversations that come from similar interests you both share. You never know, your shopping buddy may very well be the right person for you.