Celeb Obsessed in America

There is not doubt in my mind that if someone walked into Congress and presented the very bill that would get us out of this horrible debt crisis with enough money to spare to give everyone free ice cream for a year, the U.S. population would still not be as engaged as they are in Kim Kardashian’s life.

Instead of being plagued by the notions of one day being a Chinese colony most people are concerned with the recent divorce of the high fashion and celebrity icon. This American thought process clearly shows the radical impact celebrities have on our minds.

It is apparent that the core physiological might be drawn from the fact that the Kardashians’ juicy lives are much more exciting then our own lives or even that it brings comfort to see attractive successful people deal with their own problems rather than deal with one’s own. After typing her name it brings a slight joy to see that squiggly red line under Kardashian. At least her last name is not yet recognizable in the respectable Microsoft Word database.

Whether unconsciously or not celebrities have brainwashed society through virtually aspect. Through clothes and style and even to an extent all of pop culture. Everyone always wants to be like some celebrity. New clothes, hairstyles, gossip, even catch phrases used on a daily basis are all from the latest rap songs and movies. Even our basic way of living is heavily impacted by celebrities.

Are we that infatuated and obsessed? Yes, yes we are. Because no one has yet to propose a bill that will save us from ourselves and so might as well indulge in our gossip and not care about a darn thing in this world. That should not however, blind us from what is going on in our country let along the whole world. There is too much ignorance that is spreading like a disease in this country and now basic information is not even known, like geography. Most people are able to recall actors off the top of their heads, but not locate the country in which we have been at war with for close to a decade on the map.

It is depressing to think that one of the biggest problems right now is the economy and how in debt we are to countries that most Americans believe to be still in the third-world category. This should give us more reason to pay attention to issues that directly impact us rather than focus the majority of our attention to lives of celebrities that do not even indirectly impact us.

In a way to reverse this impact celebrities do have a certain obligation to steer the minds of the public to more important matters other than the latest Paris Hilton fragrance or Michael Jordon shoe, which brings up another point. It is amazing how much media attention the postponement and ultimate cancelation of the season has gotten. Most likely this subject won’t be let go for a while until the next “big thing” happens. Unfortunately that next big thing is going to be something to do with some type of pregnancy rather than a stimulus bill for the economy.

Too bad Edward Cullen can’t save us all with his lightning speed and massive strength and hot body. Oops, I meant his keen mind reading abilities. With the exposing of the vampire there has been a jump in damsel neck biting TV series. There was an even a movie made to make fun of the first Twilight movie called “Vampires Suck.” Ironically it ended up promoting the vampire series. So instead of saving us Edward Cullen has only distracted the public. I guess our next best hope is Jacob.

Sejal Patel is a first-year political science major. She can be reached at sejalsp@uci.edu.