Adapting from Being Homeschooled

Adjusting to college is difficult for most people. You have to juggle your social life, academics and sleep schedule nearly perfectly. It might be harder still if you were homeschooled.

Brass Bralley attended a Catholic elementary school until second grade when her parents decided that it was best to begin homeschooling her and her three sisters.

Bralley enjoyed the transition to homeschooling and believed it offered many new benefits. “It was different from regular school because we got most of our work done before noon. Sometimes we’d even get a whole week worth of stuff done in one day because we went at our own pace. So, if it was really easy for me I could just go straight through it or if it was hard I could spend more time on it and work longer through it. Also, a lot of the time we’d finish in April and not go all the way to June like everyone else. So, we’d have long summers which is always nice.”

“People say that there’s a downfall to homeschooling, you know they say you’re not socially ready to greet the world. But I still had friends outside of homeschooling through my church and just through my neighborhood, so I was still very social.”

The big change for Bralley came when she entered ninth grade at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in La Cañada, Calif, an all-girls Catholic high school. “I was a little socially awkward my freshman year, so it took me a little while to adjust, but it was all girls so it was kind of like homeschooling just with everyone else,” explained Bralley.

The girls in her high school class found the idea of homeschooling very intriguing and often asked Bralley amusing questions. “People would always ask me without fail if my sisters and I would do our school work in our pajamas, but no, we would usually get dressed for the day,” explained Bralley.

Bralley feels her adjustment to college at University of Alabama was a somewhat average one. “Going to college was a lot different because there were boys and it was way bigger. Looking back I guess it was a little overwhelming but I think it’s like that for every freshman. I don’t think it was very different for me because I was homeschooled or anything.”

Homeschooling offers an entirely different lifestyle for children who are a part of it. Now that Bralley is a student of a large institution she misses the flexibility of the scheduling because a lot of the time she feels like a slave to her schedule. She has not decided yet whether or not she plans to homeschool her future children stating, “There’s reasons why I want to and reasons why I don’t, so I just kind of have to wait and see how I feel when the time comes.”