‘The Secret Circle’ Intrigues

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television

Stirring up their weeknight schedule with a provocative story about teenage witchcraft and hidden mysteries, the CW brought something new to television this past fall. Their newest hit, “The Secret Circle,” follows Cassie Blake as she moves to Chance Harbor after the death of her mother. She quickly discovers the secrets of her family and the five other families that comprise the Secret Circle.

The series started with six teens binding their circle and keeping their magic secret from their families. Each one of the teens is searching for answers after a mysterious accident many years prior took one of each of their parents. The circle stays a secret, but along with their secrecy they keep their ignorance.

As demons, death and dark magic begin to entangle themselves in the lives of young witches, they risk exposure and worse if they don’t adjust to the learning curve.

This spring, the storylines are looking to be much more complicated and darker than they started out. With the revelation of Cassie’s dark lineage, it appears that the show will draw from the more obscure themes that the show introduces.

The relationships have darker undertones, with everyone pulling for their own agendas. Even the cinematography reflects the shadowy scenery of the set based in Chance Harbor, Wash. The filming, which is done in low light and low contrast, gives the characters a paler complexion and creates a Cimmerian effect, which paired with a majority of night scenes, gives the show an entirely unique look and feel that gives its Thursday night competitors a run for their money.

Aside from the unique cinematography, “The Secret Circle” also brings together an amazing young cast and some amazing indie music to the forefront. By mixing well-known artists like Adele with up-and-coming groups like The Naked and Famous, the show creates an unusually balanced soundtrack that is both alternative and consummate.

With noir themes, this supernatural hit redefines the witchy dramas that make magic look like glittery spells and charms. Thunder and lightning bring an ominous feel to the scenes, and the constant symbolic nature of running water, be it from the rain or the harbor, brings an ever-changing current of vicissitude.  But the show still provides the major components that audiences thrive for: comedy, drama, mystery and sex. Young and hot while interesting and dark, it is obvious why “The Secret Circle” made such a splash when it hit the scene.

After a short mid-season break, “The Secret Circle” will be coming back with a vengeance Thursdays this January on the CW, with plenty more intrigue and mystery as secrets are uncovered and the magic gets darker.