Looking Out for Your Future

By Evan Luke

Looking back on the past decade, I can guarantee that your current place in life would be an unforseen mystery. Now that we are older and are rapidly entering the “real world,” life seems to pass us by far more quickly than it did ten years ago.

We have reached the stage in life where we cannot simply wonder where we will be in ten years — we have to plan for it. I, personally, will be graduating in the spring and will have to be conscious of my future, but despite your graduating year, once you enter college, the future should always be a relevant topic.

We can all sit back and hope for the best, but where will hoping for the best ultimately get us? If we don’t take control of where we are today, our lives ten years from now may not be as ideal as we want. My plan is to have already established my career, be completely financially stabilized and on my way to starting a family. Some people may think that complete financial stability in 10 years may be a bit far-fetched, but I believe that if the right choices are made, anything is possible.

With all of these thoughts of the nearing future, it is inevitable to wonder how much the world around us will have advanced, whether there will be positive or negative changes and how much they will alter our lives. 10 years ago we didn’t have cell phones that doubled as hand-held computers that can fulfill a multitude of duties simply by the sound of your voice. We have cars that can virtually park themselves with additional high-tech features we could’ve never imagined. One would think that our technological world had reached a creative plateau, but there are always underrated geniuses out there ready to introduce a new element of technology to “wow” the world yet again.

Though I don’t believe that advancements will ever cease to exist, until the next life changing technological idea emerges, I predict that our world’s great minds will work toward refining what we already have and constantly make everything more convenient for people, reducing the amount of effort we have to put forth.

Where there is innovational technology, educational improvements are never too far behind. In the long run, education should ultimately be one of the primary motivations for technological progression, that and medical improvements of course. I think the future of education will have a heavy focus on elementary school students, primarily because it will be essential for students to be widely informed at younger ages. These young students will go onto high school, college and ultimately work toward bringing our world into a new era of modernism.

While technological and educational evolvements are of the most importance, our media-exposed minds are always curious about the next popular trend. The entertainment world already has such a firm grasp on the youth. Especially within the past 10 years we have been consumed by the media world whether it be music, social networks, film or athletics; we are always enveloped in it. I wouldn’t consider this to necessarily be a negative thing though, because it is more or less a part of our everyday lives, and without it, things may be a little dull. I don’t think that pop culture will have transformed significantly a decade from now, but then again, could we have ever predicted Facebook or Twitter ten years ago? I know I couldn’t have. That is what makes pop culture so constantly fascinating: everyday brings something new to the table.

Unpredictability is what keeps us on edge, curious about what will come next, and hopefully personally motivated to be a part of the innovation, and with a clever game plan, contribute to it.