UC Introduces Additional Study Abroad Programs

The ever-popular UC Education Abroad Program will launch seven new programs and five faculty-led summer programs for the 2012-2013 academic year in addition to program changes that will allow for more students to attend current UCEAP programs.

For students interested in traveling to Japan and studying the Japanese language, Osaka University in the heart of Kansai will host an  intensive beginning Japanese language  program.

Students will receive 12 units over the summer, by the end of which they will be proficient in the grammar, vocabulary and writing of the native language. The total cost will approximate to around $10,100 and includes everything from pre-departure expenses to books and airfare.

Two programs will be launched in India, the first in New Delhi and the second in Pune.

Those students traveling to New Delhi will be hosted by Kamala Nehru College University of Delhi or Jawaharlal Nehru University. Students will take courses on the culture and history of Delhi and courses in the Hindi or Urdu languages. In addition, students will be given opportunities to conduct individualized field research.

Students will be able to choose from electives in the humanities and social sciences regarding South Asia. This opportunity is available to juniors, senior and graduates.

Students who prefer to continue in their current field of study may choose to travel to Pune. They will be hosted by Fergusson College for seven weeks. Students will study contemporary India in addition to participating in directed research or internships relating to their academic interests. Pune is also open to junior, senior and graduate students.

The National Taiwan Normal University will host students during academic and summer quarters.

Students who choose to travel to Taiwan during the academic year will earn a minimum of  16.5 units, while their summer counter-parts will earn 10.5 units. Students who choose to attend for both the summer and following fall will earn a minimum of 27 quarter units. All students who choose this program will enroll in intensive Chinese language courses, and may choose to take classes about Chinese culture.

Students also have the opportunity to study in French-speaking West Africa in Dakar, Senegal.

During this program affiliated with the Council on International Educational Exchange, students will take required courses in French, the Wolof language and Senegalese culture.

In addition students can choose to take courses taught in English and French covering a variety of topics concerning West Africa.

Topics may include public health, religion and economics. This program is limited to sophomores, juniors and seniors who have taken at least a year of university-level French.

Juniors and seniors who have taken a minimum of seven quarters of French may also study in France at the Paris Center for critical studies.

Here, students will earn a required 21 quarter units per semester through courses taught exclusively in French. Students are required to take a writing workshop and Theory and Method in Critical Studies.

They will also take two electives, one of which must be taken at a local Parisian university. Students will live with a French host family or in a small furnished studio, both provided by the program and included in the $26,000 cost, which also covers an array of expenses including pre-departure expenses, airfare and books.

Over the summer, students can attend faculty lead programs in Europe, the U.K., the Middle East and the U.S. These programs range from $8,000 to $9,500 and cover a variety of topics including religion, technology and culture. Students will earn approximately nine units and the program will include site visits and excursions.

For other programs, program requirements have become more lax in some, and more quarters are offered in others such as those in Brazil and Argentina, opening the programs to more students to study abroad, and students still can take their financial aid with them.

For those who don’t qualify for financial aid, the study abroad program scholarships total to $300,000 for the 2011-2012 academic year.