The Green and the Beautiful

Holy shit! Anthony Green’s latest record, “Beautiful Things,” truly is a beautiful thing. Since I first listened to “Beautiful Things,” it has been the rhythm, melody and lullaby that helps me taste the morning sun cascading down my face. It is also the antidote that gently drowns me in deep slumber under the translucent moon.

“Beautiful Things” is Green’s second solo album release. His falsetto voice might also be recognized from the band Circa Survive, for which he is lead vocalist and front man. True fans may even recognize his voice when he was lead singer for the band Saosin in 2003, which he left because he was disgruntled with the band’s musical direction.

“Beautiful Things” has 13 tracks surrounded by different styles, colors and sounds. The first single released from “Beautiful Things,” titled “Get Yours While You Can,” is a fast-paced, catchy and unique track filled with dreamy guitar leads and crunchy drum and bass rhythms. One of the most memorable parts from this track are the lyrics:

“Now that I’m older, I’m no longer steel / But I think about it all the time / But then I’m dragged right back to he ground / And then I stayed here for my whole life.”

With every new album, there is an ultimate question that governs its worth: “Is this record better than the last one?”

In the case of “Beautiful Things,” the answer is yes. After listening to this album, Green’s last record sounds elementary. I think he has finally discovered his style and sound in “Beautiful Things.” You can feel it in every song, the inspiration developing and transcending in each verse and chorus –– both instrumentally and lyrically.

For example, Green and wife, Meredith, welcomed their first born, James Green, into this world just over a year ago. Two of the tracks on “Beautiful Things,” “Love You No Matter What” and “James’ Song,” express his undying love for his son. Green has come a long way –– he is now married, has a son and has grown so much artistically that his music oozes out nothing but pure gold. Green is one of the most passionate and dedicated musicians today.

When I watched Circa Survive perform last October, Green said this before his last song:

“Whatever you’re feeling right now, take it with you. It doesn’t belong here. Take it with you wherever you go and remember this night.”

So yes, please pick up a copy of “Beautiful Things.” It will help you discover yourself. It’s been quite some time since a record this beautiful has been released. It’s healing, magical, and its power is determined by how much you’re willing to surrender to it. In short: it’s seriously fucked up how awesome this record is.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5