Speechless About ‘Kevin’

Courtesy of Artifical Eye

Sin begat sin, and so came Kevin. A hauntingly compelling look into the soul of a fractured mother and a psychotic son, “We Need to Talk About Kevin” will have you searching for words.

The film follows a mother, Eva, as she tries to put the pieces of her life back together after her son commits a tragedy. A woman who becomes lost in her own memories, Eva attempts to rationalize her son’s actions and pinpoint the moment where he turned into the evil that he now is. Flashing in between reality and memory, Eva becomes consumed with the search, and the more she remembers, the more it all seems clear.

Filled with dark themes, “We Need to Talk About Kevin” not only explores the depths of the human mind and the development of evil in a psychopath, but also how the lives of those around them are shattered after tragedy. With substance abuse, post-partum depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and clear psychosis, the film highlights a number of disorders to show the development of a killer and how it goes unnoticed. Ironically, as the film progresses and Eva tries more and more to deal with her son’s hatred and demonized actions, the substance abuse gets worse and worse; however, in the end it offers the only salvation.

Cinematically speaking, this film is one of a kind. Like its predecessors that explore drugs and the minds of psychopaths,  the film takes small things like the color red and makes it central to the movie. From the wine in Eva’s glass to the paint on their porch, red fills the movie screen, symbolic of a mother’s journey to wash the metaphorical and literal blood from her hands for her child’s sins. For Eva, it is a constant struggle to keep her hands from the red stains that seem to resurface at every corner, and in the end, all she wants is freedom from the color.

Everything in the film has alternate meanings and implied consequences, as Eva searches the depths of her memory to try and absolve both her sins and her son’s. Looking back at her child, Eva sees that from the start, it is clear that her love was never enough. A son consumed with evil would only ever bring evil into this world.

Amazingly chilling performances from Tilda Swinton (as Eva) and young star Ezra Miller (as Kevin) will leave you speechless as everything begins to come into clarity. They are performers who can both truly portray the darkest the world has to offer, and yet yank at the audience’s heartstrings.

This movie may make you cry, but it is not to be taken lightly. Amazing and a must-see, but it is rated R for a reason, so don’t underestimate the rating system on this one.

Rating: 4 out of 5