Anteaters Ace Out BYU in Second Home Win

Peter Huynh/New University

UCI 6, BYU 1


The UC Irvine women’s tennis team is off to a hot start at home with a 2-0 home record after beating Brigham Young University 6-1 on Feb. 4 at Anteater Tennis Stadium. Despite the dominant score, the victory did not come easily for UCI, as nearly all of the matches won by the Anteaters ended with close results. The win puts UCI 2-2 overall this season.


Doubles was a tough affair. Head coach Mike Edles made some changes in his doubles lineup as no. 3 pair junior Stephanie Hammel and sophomore Maravick Mamiit were paired together for the first time this season. The move didn’t bring a positive result as they lost their match in the doubles round 8-6.


No. 2 pair sophomore Franziska Goettsching and junior Kristina Smith managed to keep Irvine alive in the doubles round after winning in overtime 9-7. The round came down to the no. 1 pairs seniors Courtney Byron and Hannah Holladay. The two battled to overtime with an 8-8 tie, leading to a tiebreaker. Fortunately, the senior duo came away with the victory after dominating 7-1 in the tiebreaker round to give UCI the first point.


Goettsching and Smith won their singles matches easily, to give UCI a 3-0 lead into the round. Unfortunately, nothing was going in Mamiit’s way as she ended the day winless after losing her singles match with a pair of 6-4 losses. Freshman Kat Facey went the distance in three sets, losing her first one 6-4 before coming back with a pair of 6-3 set points to win her match and seal Irvine’s victory.


After winning her first set 6-3, Hannah Holladay failed to execute the following set with a 6-3 loss. Holladay came back in dominant fashion and made quick work of her opponent to win the final set 6-1. Byron lost her first set 6-4, but shook off the loss with a 6-3 and 6-1 win to finish the afternoon.


UCI will play their next game in Anteater Tennis Stadium against University of Hawaii on Thursday, Feb. 9 at 1:30 p.m.