Removal of CDM Fire Pits?

If you have something to say about bonfires on Corona Del Mar beach, it’s best if you say it now because soon, people might not have a single idea about what you’re talking about. The Newport Beach Parks, Beaches and Recreation Committee will be discussing possible options for the future of the fire rings that we all know and emote about this Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the council chambers.

One of those possible futures? Complete and utter removal, due in part to the long-term health concerns from the smoke, short-term safety concerns from the embers and the excess amounts of curfew violations that they welcome.

First off, we just want to say that we absolutely abhor bonfires. They are literally our least favorite thing to do at Irvine. You have to show up extra early to get a pit, you have to find a bunch of wood to light on fire and the smoke sticks to you — badly. There hasn’t been a bonfire where we haven’t had to throw our clothes into the wash immediately afterwards.

We can think up of at least half a dozen things we’d rather do than have a bonfire.

You could go to SkyHigh, check out the dollar theater, go on a bike ride, take a day trip to Balboa Island, go kayaking in the Back Bay, or check out the view on Turtle Rock. All of these things are more fun than bonfires.

Despite that, we have to admit that we will be sad if the pits disappear because, as much as we like to bitch and moan about it, bonfires are a part of UCI’s culture. You are never really a student here until you’ve had to stand 10 feet away from the pit, freezing your ass off, because someone threw too much wood in and you’d burn your skin off if you stood any closer.

Really, the only reason we hate bonfires so much is because we overdosed on them our freshman years. Before we got tired of carrying pallets to and from the Corona Del Mar parking lot and somehow forgetting hammers and lighters every single time, bonfires were wonderful things.

The bonfire pit is where many of us first really met our new dorm mates or new club members, where we got to know the people who would eventually become our best friends, worst enemies and friendly acquaintances. It’s even where some of us thought that maybe, possibly we were truly feeling enamored for the first time.

Sad for us to say but our first years here would be so different without the pits.

There’s just no other activity that’s as perfect for getting to know each other as sitting around a source of warmth, contemplating things and being together.

Sure, there’s stuff around that’s more fun, but activities that are more welcoming, more conversation-forcing than standing around fire?

No chance.

Anteaters, please, even if you’re a little pressed for time, send an email to the Parks commission at

Let them know about the memories you’ve made and the people you’ve met around a fire pit. Do it today, and as soon as you can because they’ll be meeting at 6 p.m.

Tell them that, what people get, what the city gets out of the pits is much much greater than the risks. Because, really, we hate bonfires, and even we would miss them if they were gone.


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