Dressing Sharp for Valentine’s Day

Anna Nguyen/New University

By Ryan Wallace
Staff Writer

Well ladies and gents, it is in fact that time of the year again: Valentine’s Day. A day to express love, snuggle with your beau or go out and find someone to make memories with. Any way you make your day, one thing is for sure, you need to dress to impress.

Before we get too serious I think that some formal introductions may be necessary. My name is Ryan and for as long as I can remember I have been a person obsessed. Whether with a pair of shoes or a Parisian bow tie, my mind is constantly filled with thoughts of fashion and culture. Some people don’t understand my intensity, but I can assure you that through our time together you will come to appreciate it. This column will cover everything in fashion and culture that you need to know: a little piece of my mind, from me to you.

Now back to the important topic at hand: Valentine’s Day. What to do? And more importantly, what to wear? Luckily for you men out there, looking sharp on Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a chore. To keep things simple, let’s break things down into three relationship categories: serious, semi-serious and single.

For you serious lovers out there, this is probably not your first time at the rodeo so this year, spice things up! Cliché as it may be, a dinner date is the best way to celebrate the day. Keep things original, to really show you care take some extra initiative in trying to make a special dessert. A sweet ending to a sweet night! Also, if you’re serious about this significant other, look the part. Take the time to dress up like a big boy; slacks, shirt, blazer and a tie … the whole nine yards. Try to keep things serious in color too. Straight black or charcoal with a splash of red or pink in the form of a shirt, tie or pocket square will keep things festive enough for your special night out.

For you semi-serious couples out there, this is still the stage where you’re falling for one another, so why not break the ice? Going ice skating is a special SoCal oddity that is rarely explored on V-Day, mostly because people don’t realize it exists here in Irvine. If no other reason convinces you to go, think of it at least as an opportunity to have fun and hold hands while escaping into a winter wonderland. Since you’ll be out having fun, things can be a little more casual. Try dark denim, paired with either a red sweater or a red shirt and a dark coat. Even a black blazer when paired with denim can give you that dressy-casual look you’ll be looking for.

Finally for you single gents, Valentine’s Day isn’t for moping, but rather for hitting the streets and looking for love. Whether you go out to dinner with your friends or out for drinks, you can keep things classy and chic to draw some attention. By pairing some fitted black slacks, or dark denim (indigo or black), with a pink dress shirt you can show a festive and brighter side to yourself. It’s true what they say, only real men can wear pink, but if the love in the air on Valentine’s Day doesn’t give you courage enough to sport it alone, try accessorizing with a funky bow tie or a solid maroon tie.

Whatever your needs, or whatever your level of love, stay classy and chic. Your date will love you for it.