Losing Your Best Friend

By Belester Benitez
Staff Writer

Losing a best friend is an arduous experience that we have all been through. As one half of the relationship you are left with insecurity and incomplete feelings. Was it my fault? Can we fix this? What happened? These are all reasonable questions to ask yourself but none of which can satisfy the unforeseeable nature of life. Sometimes friendships fade away and nobody is to blame. Time and life take its toll and before you know it your life has changed. Is it sad? Sure. But the beauty in the friendship is what you should take away from it. Don’t be sad that it ended, be happy that it happened.

Between the time of high school graduation and now, I lost one of the most important friends I ever had; a friend who I would have done anything for, a friend who I will look back in my later years and say, I had the best times of my adolescence with.
What happened? The truth is, life happened. I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me sad. First, I no longer have that friend who I could always rely on. Second, I thought I only had myself to blame. I thought it was my fault. I should have called or texted more often, I wronged my best friend. As I mentioned above though, when life separates you, it is nobody’s fault. I am now going to tell you about the most important friendship I have ever had, it was with a girl named Catherine.

I met her sophomore year of high school in our AP Euro class. She caught my attention because she was very pretty. I had to talk to her. I had to come up with a reason. I noticed she was sporting a The Cure shirt. I told her I liked her shirt. That was the beginning of our friendship. It would have amounted to nothing had not life stepped in and worked its beautiful magic. When I commented on her shirt, which I had never heard of The Cure before, and to this day I’ve only listened to one or two of their songs. It’s funny that a band I care so little about has had such a great impact on my life.

Looking back, our friendship was effortless. No pressure, no nerves, just us being ourselves. I was myself and she accepted me. We said what we thought and it was OK. Maybe it was because we never had the desire to be more than just friends. Our friendship worked so well. Maybe it was just luck. Maybe it was destiny. The point is that Catherine was the most important friend I have ever had. It was the first time I felt I was as important to someone else as they were to me. She made me feel like I mattered. I’ve seen her once since we graduated high school. We don’t talk much anymore and even though at first this made me sad, I now see the beauty in it.

I am a strong believer in destiny and in the idea that things are meant to be. I think people who enter our lives are meant to be there, even if just for a little while. We meet people and they help us grow. Sometimes they remain in our life for a long time and sometimes for a short time.

Either way I see beauty in that. I met a girl and we shared a great friendship for three years. I learned things from her and she learned things from me. We had more good times than I can remember and when I think about her, I’m glad we met and not sad that we don’t keep in touch anymore. The world is beautiful. Life is beautiful. Next time you reminisce about the loss of an old friend, don’t be sad that they’re gone. Be happy you were fortunate enough to have them, even if just for a little while.