Friday, June 5, 2020
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Neat, Nice Nails: The Importance of Perfect Hands and Feet

Well this month I have been tackling the topic of footwear — needless to say with my wide Rainbow sandals collection that it is not exactly my expertise. I have, however, been thinking about the importance of neatly manicured hands and feet an awful lot.

Shoes are notably quintessential accessories that are a part of every outfit, but what’s inside of those shoes is just important as the shoes themselves.

Hands and feet literally drive the way we move throughout the world, so why are they ignored? Not only is there an aesthetic quality to well-groomed hands and feet, but there are also health benefits that make the occasional mani-pedi worth it.

Aside from the tactile nature of hands and feet, holistic approaches to medicine focus on hands and feet. Why, you might ask? Because they are essential to circulation of the body’s blood, and also are the storage centers of many nerves. Thus keeping your hands and feet healthy can help keep the rest of your body healthy as well. Keeping free of hangnails and other cuts can prevent major infections of the blood that normally arise from the things we touch in the world.

Girls, you clearly have more experience with nail care, so let’s modernize it into this spring. First, keep your nails close. I don’t entirely know where the talon trend began, where long nails dominate, but thinking realistically for the fast-pace life we live in, keep your nails no longer than 1.5 times the length of your nail bed. This will allow you to keep the feminine flair but retain the functionality of being able to type.

Bright spring colors and prints are in. However, if you are less enthusiastic about bold colors then keep it simple. Nude tone lacquers don’t draw too much attention, but give your nails a healthy appearance. Or, if you are looking for an interesting pattern, try the new ombré trend with dual tone colors. There is a whole world of nail care that can be explored nowadays through the use of YouTube, so if you are looking for some inspiration check out a friend of mine: Her unique designs like her Facebook nails definitely deserve a “like.”

Guys, let’s get real. I’m not expecting any of us to hit up the nail salon. Keeping your hands and feet nice and neat, however, is far beyond aesthetics. For the inner businessman, a job can be sealed with a handshake, so why have hands and feet that look like hoofs? Make sure your nails are trimmed and smooth, and PLEASE do not chew your nails. It’s not only a nasty habit but as unsanitary as it gets.

For the inner player, it’s simple: ladies may like athletes, but they don’t want men with catcher’s mitts for hands. This has a simple solution, keep your hands and feet moisturized with lotion.

Nail care and keeping your hands and feet neat are simple tasks that not only can improve your health, but also your social quality of life.

If all else fails, spend a little extra on an amazing pair of shoes, and wear mittens; the latter being less of an acceptable alternative. Keep things clean, neat and as always, fashionable.