The Imperfect Roommate

Marlon Castillo/New University

By Archana Venugopal
Staff Writer

The start of college signifies the beginning of a variety of new experiences. It means you get to be independent, pick your own schedule, experience different social situations and live by your own rules. For students who live on campus, it also means getting used to living with one or two roommates for about a year, which can either mean the best first year of college or the worst. Opting for a randomly selected roommate means that they could turn out to be your new best friend, a chill study buddy, a casual fun friend or your worst enemy. Unfortunately for Celestine Taq, her roommate Vicky Ren turned out to be the latter.

Celestine Taq began her freshman year with high hopes of a fun year at college, but from the start, her roommate crushed any hopes. According to Celestine, she and her roommate Vicky Ren agreed to share food when they began dorming together. Celestine soon realized that although Vicky ate all of her cereal and trail mix bars, she had no food of her own to share.

“One night, I made food for myself and she told me that I should have made food for her too. What am I, her mother? That put an end to our food-sharing system,” Celestine said.

Sharing was not the only problem that Vicky had. She used to do homework until 2 a.m. with all the lights on in the room while Celestine was trying to sleep. When Celestine asked if Vicky could turn on her desk light instead, she would consent but ignore the request, continuing to work with their room light on.
“Then once she asked me to borrow my printer after I went to bed, but it turned out she wanted to print a novel! She printed about 15 pages in the middle of the night” Celestine said.

Despite all these problems, the worst of it all was Vicky’s sanitation.

“I’m very suspicious that she didn’t shower for at least two weeks once. She straightened her hair and after two weeks it was still straight and started smelling bad. After every shower, she would put on hair lotion and skin lotion that the whole room would smell like after and I definitely didn’t smell that lotion for those two weeks,” Celestine said.

Celestine tried her best to stay out of the apartment all of her freshman year simply to avoid her roommate. She would wake up earlier than her, get ready quickly and make sure to leave as fast as possible, even if it meant getting to class a little earlier than necessary. Even escaping her room was no consolation, however, as Vicky would constantly text Celestine to ask her where she was or what she was doing. All of freshman year was just a horror for Celestine, who couldn’t wait for the year to end. “What can I say? I hated her,” Celestine said.

When faced with stories of such terrible roommates such as these, it makes me realize that being a commuter with a room of my own is not something to complain about. And for those of you who sometimes get irritated by your roommate, think about their good qualities and consider yourself lucky.