Wayzgooze Goes Green

Anna Nguyen/New University


UC Irvine opened its doors to prospective students, staff and alumni for the 41st annual Celebrate UCI on Saturday, April 21. This spring festival is not only an entirely student-driven event, but is also UC Irvine’s oldest tradition.


Celebrate UCI, also known on campus as Wayzgoose, is a three-pronged event: an outdoor festival held in Aldrich Park, a classic car show and an open house with information available to prospective students and parents from nearly all of the services and offices offered here on campus.


Not only entirely planned by students, this event is entirely run by students as well. With the support of over 125 clubs and student groups, this year’s Wayzgoose set a never before precedence of being an entirely sustainable festival. From the clubs’ booths to the water bottle refilling station, UCI made a conscientious effort to benefit our environment by going completely waste-free.


Walking onto campus this past Saturday, one could see and feel the excitement in the air. And it was obvious from the involvement of so many students on campus, that the alumni and prospective students were welcomed by their fellow Anteaters.


An important event for fundraising and recruitment of incoming freshmen, a large number of the clubs on campus came out to let their voices be heard. Among them was one of UCI’s newest clubs, Tapper’s Corner, whose club president Marisa Strobridge spoke out about the Wayzgoose festivities.


“It has been really busy and there are so many people here,” Strobridge said. “It’s funny to see everyone turn their heads when they hear the tapping of the shoes but they’re intimidated that it’s too hard.”


After their performance Saturday morning, Strobridge spoke about the amazing opportunity that Wayzgoose allows prospective students to get in touch with clubs.


“We’ve noticed a lot of interest from incoming freshmen that would like to take tap classes here on campus, of which there are like only two offered,” she said.“What our club offers is an affordable way to learn how to tap even if you don’t have priority registration! And Wayzgoose has given us the opportunity to reach students like these and many more.”


Like Tapper’s Corner, other clubs on campus saw this opportunity to talk with prospective students and spread the word about lesser-known organizations.


However, it wasn’t all about the recruitment and fundraising; there were several other activities as well. With music, performances, food and even puppies, there was everything that anyone would want at a UCI festival.


People brought their dogs and smiles to the sunny outdoor festival and saw all that UC Irvine has to offer. Even students like third-year biological sciences student Chelsea Nakano attended Celebrate UCI.


“There are so many people here, it is crazy,” Nakano said. “There is so much to do, and I think that they have a really good variety of things to see. And it’s nice to see all of the clubs out here in Aldrich Park together.”


Needless to say, the 41st annual Celebrate UCI Wayzgoose Festival was a success. We look forward to seeing the new Anteaters in the fall, and another waste-free Wayzgoose next year.