Extending Thanks to Our Custodians

UC Irvine students took a few minutes to show their gratitude for those who keep our university clean and safe during the “Appreciate our Custodians” event on Wednesday, May 2. Groundskeepers often go unrecognized, despite their hard work.


The Pi Gamma Mu Social Sciences Honor Society members set up a table on Ring Road and invited passers-by to make thank you cards for the custodians on campus.


The cards contained simple phrases such as “Thank you for all of your hard work!” and expressed an overall tone of appreciation.


“The idea first came up after I noticed that most students would walk by the custodians without even saying ‘hi’ or ‘thank you,’” said Vi Ly, a Pi Gamma Mu member and fourth-year psychology and social behavior major.


“We wanted a way to recognize them for all of the hard work they do every day.”


The honor society originally wanted to host a banquet or dinner for all of the custodians, but due to budget issues, they were unable to create such an event.


The members instead decided to have students make thank you cards that will be placed on a large poster.


The poster will soon be delivered to the management facility where most of the custodians report to work each day.


Many of the thank you cards were written in Spanish, as the Pi Gamma Mu members mentioned that this was the predominant language of several of the custodians. For the cards that were written solely in English, a volunteer is going to translate all of the notes to Spanish.


“This event is something very novel and something that no other student group has done before,” Ly said.


The goals and mission of Pi Gamma Mu is to foster superior scholarship in social science fields such as history, political science, anthropology, sociology and more. Additionally, the organization is a strong proponent of social and community service. Aside from the thank you card community service event, Pi Gamma Mu also worked on another project where they filled shoe boxes with gifts and school supplies and sent them to children in Africa.


“We hope that this event creates a more appreciative group of people and gives recognition to the people who work so hard,” Ly said.