Hands for Africa: A Poem

All these students apathetic, complain this group makes them frenetic,

These privileged classmen say “Hands for Africa is so annoying.”

While I initially agreed, when they lectured me in Harris tweed,

I hoped this group would not succeed because of the people they were employing.

“I totally agree, indeed”, I said to a student, acting cloying.

But their apathy I did not enjoy.


When Hands for Africa asks for change, students act as if deranged.

They walk away and proceed to vocalize, complain

“How dare they guilt,” they say to me. “Or ask for help in form of fee.”

They’d rather shop for an iPad or three, than ever see someone else’s pain.

After all, living in denial’s free, and much better than seeing another’s strain

So from caring students must abstain.


‘Tis pretty sad that all of you, can ignore cries of ailing without rue.

They’re slaves to diamonds in the worst of Sierra Leone

And all you are is apathetic, when all these people need is a prosthetic.

Meanwhile, you claim people are pathetic, when social activism they do postpone,

But if social change is most kinetic, perhaps you should not cast a stone

Or get off your entitlement  throne.


Don’t get me wrong, I dislike bologna. And lying campaigns like those of KONY,

But it’s great to see a group willing to rid the darkness and shed some light

On victims who need help within their life, the forgotten many in the land of strife.

Your pockets are heavy and money is rife, and you are calloused to others’ plight,

Your silver spoon is a golden knife, and encouraging a system full of blight:

To me, that does not seem so right.


Let’s be honest, college person. Standards of living, for you, don’t worsen.

You live in a sterile, jaded, upper  class.

You drink Starbucks and drive lifted trucks,

You don’t give fucks, but are angered by a little sass.

Perhaps, you should catch the crux, and do something with all that brass.

And while you’re at it, lose the crass.


Complaining is not very hard, but most composed of canard.

But you should ask yourself, “For everyone else, what can I bring?”

It doesn’t help to make more conflict, even though you might be ticked

But every time you do depict instead of doing, you leave a sting

Maybe to something you should convict, and create some good to bring

you should try to do something.


Yes, you should try to do something, instead of bemoaning fall to spring

Instead of waiting for the chance to help, only to angrily resist,

And waiting to be told you should, you should go and do some good.

It takes a lot to be in the midst of something bigger than what you understood

If you think you could change the world, you could. You only need to insist.

Go and be a catalyst.


Justin Huft is a third year psychology and social behavior and social ecology double major, and did not care to write a real article this week. He can be reached at jhuft@uci.edu