Summer Trends to Leave Poolside

Anna Nguyen/New University

It’s almost that time again. Spring quarter is more than halfway finished, you’re already buying new scantrons for finals and selling your old books for cash and the end is so near that you can almost smell the beach bonfires and taste the freedom of waking up past 10 a.m. A summer of lazy days and sleepless nights is almost within reach.

Your summer plans shouldn’t only hold concerns over which beach offers the best waves or which ice cream shop sells the most flavors, though. It’s also important to look good for the neighborhood barbecue or while biking on your beach cruiser. While there are many summer fashion trends out there that are socially acceptable (bleached denim or Ray-Ban Wayfarers, for instance), there are others that will guarantee double takes from passers-by, and not in a good way. There are some trends that should just be left poolside–or not be worn at all.


The one-piece garment, like a dress with shorts, is spotted everywhere in the hot months and is a female favorite because it’s a versatile look: it can be donned on the beach as a swimsuit cover-up or at the mall as a shopping outfit. But proceed with caution when shopping for your own romper: if you select a size too small, the romper will hug your body in all the wrong places, and if you opt for one with crazy patterns and bursts of unnecessary color, your look can go from cute beach bum to tacky tourist in a heartbeat.

Rompers are still a controversial issue among the fashion elite today, but if you have what it takes to rock a romper, make sure it fits loosely on your body and the color and style compliment your skin tone and body shape. You can never go wrong with a nice floral pattern or soft pastel shades.

Tight muscle shirts and short-shorts

This summer, “fashion-please-don’t” applies to men and women alike and honestly, it doesn’t look flattering on anyone. It doesn’t matter what size you are or whether you’ve been lifting weights in the gym or not; if you’re going to leave your house wearing the same clothes you wore when you were ten years old, you will be pitied, not praised. Ladies, no one wants to wait behind you in line for froyo and see that your shorts can’t do their job of holding everything in properly. Guys, we don’t care how much you can bench, but what we do care about is your self-esteem issues that make you feel the need to wear a shirt that’s bursting from the seams. And yes, it is a scorching ninety degrees outside, but wearing tighter clothing that leaves no room for ventilation will not do the trick of cooling you down.

Uggs with shorts or skirts

We all let out a big sigh of relief when winter passed because we thought the whole tacky, “Uggs-with-shorts” disaster trend had died off. But believe it or not, even in the summer heat, girls continue to prance around in short shorts or miniskirts and the famous winter boots that make your feet look like mammoth’s feet. When wearing shorts, exposed legs make your feet look even bigger and more awkward. And wearing lamb-lined insulating boots can’t be doing wonders for your sweating feet. You’re not battling your way through a blizzard in North Carolina. It’s summer. You’re in Orange County. Just throw on a pair of sandals like everyone else.

Fake tans

While a nice tan does make your body appear thinner and healthier on the outside, the reality is that your body is hurting on the inside. Tans, whether you’ve received them from the sun or a heating lamp, are caused by harmful ultraviolet radiation and the result is skin cell damage, with a higher chance of being diagnosed with skin cancer later in life. Not to mention, tanning booths and spray tans can leave an orangey glow on your skin and there’s always the possibility you’ll leave looking like you’ve just stepped out of Willy Wonka’s factory. Stay safe and natural and use sunscreen.

Summer is three glorious months that college students have off, free from the bondage of cramming until 5 a.m. and fighting over registering for classes, so it’s understandable that all we want to do is let loose and go wild. But there is a fine line between feeling, “young-and-wild” and looking trashy and worthy of being arrested for indecency. The next time you feel like going out in public and you’re looking over your clothing options, just remember: sometimes, less isn’t more.

[Editor’s note: guys, please don’t wear shorts and desert boots. It’s embarrassing.]