Parenting Debate Down Under

Around 150 medical practitioners from Australia who are members of the group Doctors for the Family recently declared that heterosexual couples are superior to homosexual couples at raising children. Doctors for the Family’s convener Lachlan Dunjey has even stated, “It’s well proven that children who grow up with a mother and a father in a biological mother-and-father family do better than children who don’t have the opportunity to grow up in that kind of family.”


Dunjey is a doctor so his stance warrants a certain amount of respect. The problem is no evidence proves that children raised in a home with a mother and father “do better” than children raised by same-sex parents. This is a false notion and is simply another veiled way to oppose gay marriage and gay rights.


I am a functioning member of society. What I mean by that is that I possess the ability to clean myself, feed myself and tend to my responsibilities. I was raised by a mother and a father. As any of my good friends know I often take the time to praise my parents. They are the best people I have ever met and they provided me with the most important thing a child needs: unconditional love and support.


To this day I have never given thanks to God for blessing me with a man and a woman to raise me. I have always been thankful to Him for giving me parents that are loving and supportive. These are the things that are important. Children are not born with judgments or prejudices; they do not differentiate between heterosexual and homosexual parents. All children know is whether they are loved or not, and this is what matters most, not the gender of the people who love them.


If Doctors for the Family and the world at large is worried about the welfare of children they should dedicate themselves to advising every marriage, regardless of gender, on how to be loving and nurturing to their child. The truth is that there are good heterosexual parents and bad ones, just as there are good homosexual parents and bad ones as well.


The point I make is that the gender is irrelevant, the person is what matters, and the ways they treat their child. Love is love no matter who it comes from. The important thing is that children have it, whether it comes from a mother and a father, a father and a father, or a mother and a mother is unrelated.


It is only after children from same-sex marriages go out into society that they are told there is something wrong with their family. It is only because the majority of the people in this world see something wrong with homosexuality that same-sex marriages raising children is opposed. It’s ironic that people who oppose homosexual couples raising children do not see the harm they are doing to these children themselves.


By telling a child that it is wrong for them to be raised by two people of the same sex you are poisoning their mind and creating a problem in a place where one had not been present before. You tell these children that something is wrong with their family, and suddenly they believe it. An old saying goes “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” Same-sex couples raising children are not broken, so do not try to fix it.


Aside from being prejudiced, this judgment is also severely premature. Heterosexual couples have been raising children for thousands of years; homosexual couples have had less than a decade. The least we can do is give them the same chances that we have given heterosexuals. I propose that we give homosexual couples 50,000 years to raise children without trying to regulate their rights, this is the amount of time heterosexual couples had up to this point. After this time has passed we can then examine scientific studies and decide who is superior to raising children.


Even though it does not matter whether a child has heterosexual parents or homosexual parents, society owes same-sex couples this much. Until then I think any judgments on their ability to raise children is hasty and unwarranted.


There is no way you can determine homosexual couples’ deficiency at raising children on a few years of evidence. All in all, I don’t believe the gender of your parents matter, what matters is their love and support.


Belester Benitez is a third-year English major. He can be reached at