A Farewell to Fashion

Well it’s officially time to throw trends aside and bust out the cap and gowns; GRADUATION time everybody. But this end of the year is bitter-sweet for some of us.

With the end of the school year and summer already upon us, I must bid you adieu as the New U publishes my column for the last time. This year has by far exceeded my expectations, but has thus fleeted by too quickly for me to savor all of the great moments. We have talked about flirting, fashion and all sorts of faux pas, and I couldn’t have asked for a better audience.

The column was pitched as a simple concept: things I am compulsively obsessed about. But as the column took form, segueing into relationships and school, I feel as though it took a much more personal turn, or as the wonderful Amanda Robbins calls it: “the Ryan does stuff” column. And I couldn’t be happier with what has happened.

This year has been a trying one to say the least … to say the most is that at times it sucked. But aside from the utterly douchey people, the relationships that dissolved in the midst of insecurities and of course the fashion, I feel as though this year has been by far the most significant in terms of growing experience. I have changed a lot over the past few months, as we all have I’m sure, and I’m happy that we could share this time and space together.

There has been something very cathartic about writing this column for you. At times you were an image in my mind, a person I wanted to forget or a reflection of myself, but it was always to you whom I wrote. And although I didn’t write for myself, I feel as though I have come to a better understanding of myself because of it.

Often you would read my column without the slightest clue that time and time again I would completely switch topics just hours before the deadline. Luckily, thanks to my amazing editor Charles Lam, this year I have had the opportunity to express my thoughts fully and honestly. With such a blessing I feel that it is because of Charles that my column was able to take shape the way it has, into not only pieces of thought but also pieces of memory from a year that we won’t soon forget.

I hope that as the future comes, we can grin and bear all of the obstacles that stand in our way, but I am sure that we will make it through. I have faith that we can stand triumphantly, and might I add fashionably, together at the top of the mountains of life and know that we will stand victorious as long as we don’t lose ourselves.

As we see the end of an era, I would like to see those of you who are graduating off with applause. It is you who we must follow here at UCI, and it is because of you that we know the paths we must take. I send you my sincerest ZOT and I know that you will do amazing things.

And to those of you who will be with us yet again next year, I look forward to our conversations. Because although this column must end, as said by a magnificent writer “All relationships like the game theory eventually find a fixed point: an end.” Wait, I said that. Well either way, it’s true. And although we may say goodbye now, know that it will not be for long and that we will be sure to have plenty of time to talk next year.





Sincerely yours,


<3 Ryan