Farewell Copy Corner

I have been a college graduate since December. I ordered my cap and gown in February, picked up my diploma in April, began moving out of my apartment last week and have been trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’ll be walking at the graduation ceremony that’s now a little less than two weeks away — sounds like I’m geared up to get the hell out of Irvine, huh? Honestly, I could’ve detached myself more easily from this campus and city and officially begun my post-college life if it weren’t for one major thing: The New University.

In the two years I have worked at the New U, I can hardly fathom how much I’ve learned in being a part of this fantastic campus newspaper. I was given the chance to work with and become friends with two distinct editorial boards full of intelligent, hilarious, dedicated and genuinely beautiful individuals.

As a copy editor, I had the perfect outlet to put my perfectionist tendencies to good use — or as my co-copy editor Zach put it once, “To make shit perfect.” As a copy editor, I developed the necessary endurance and patience with all the articles I read over the past two years — some being great reads, some that needed more work, a few that have actually made me put my head down on my keyboard and want to cry. Spending another year as a copy editor also gave me the opportunity to try my hand at writing articles (most which were of the entertainment type).

I first applied for the copy editor position toward the end of my second year. However, having zero experience in journalism and zero articles written for the New U was enough to make me hesitant in applying; I debated the idea in my mind for days.

When I couldn’t find the newsroom the first time I tried searching for it, I took that as a sign of discouragement. Then a few days later, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to venture out to campus and look for the newsroom once more. Luckily, I found it and swiftly signed my name on the sign-up sheet to apply as a copy editor. A few weeks later, while I was at rehearsal for Kababayan’s then PCN, I received a call from David Gao (the EIC-elect at the time) asking me if I wanted to join the New U team.

And so it began …

In a nutshell, my first year at the New U not only taught me the ropes of student journalism, but it also made me realize how well I fit in with the New U family through all the hilarious, challenging and heartfelt moments. I also remember the thrill of seeing my name in print when my first New U article was published.  As I started college, I always heard that you’d find your niche. You can take a wild guess where I found mine.

Deciding to stay for another year at the New U was one of the best decisions I ever made in my 21 years of living. I wasn’t ready to leave the New U family. I have no idea how my “senior year” would have been if it weren’t for this year’s editorial board.

To this year’s team, I can’t believe how much I experienced and learned from so many of you: Laughing about the countless inside jokes and shenanigans in the newsroom on a production day (in classic New U fashion); eating dinner together after our Wednesday meetings; playing games around a campfire under a starry sky at Big Sur; photographing a solar eclipse on the newsroom balcony; all the memorable drunken Friday nights. Whether it was inside or outside the newsroom, good or bad, I am extremely blessed to have shared all these memories with you guys.

I knew from the very beginning that this year’s team was going to be a great one, but never would have I imagined it to be so, freaking, amazing; the thought of it all is starting to make my heart heavy, my lips quivery and my eyes watery — nonetheless with sheer happiness and gratitude.

To Greg, to Amanda, to Charles, to Michael, to James, to Zachary, to Jun, to Jessica, to Vinh, to Soraya, to Natasha, to Kevin, to Annie, to Ian, to Young, to Anna, to Priya, to Joyce, to Irvin: Meeting and getting to know every single one of you has been a gift. It’s difficult to think that my Sundays and Wednesday evenings won’t be spent sitting in the newsroom with you guys. I’ll truly miss seeing everyone together on a weekly basis or just the simple fact that we’re all close by around campus. It’s been absolute fun creating this weekly newspaper that we cherish so damn much.

Wherever our lives take us after the end of this year and beyond, know that you’re all engraved in my memory and in my heart. I love you.

Until then, I’ll see ya later.