The Newsroom

When I was offered the Features editor position for this year, I was excited. For my resume, but also for my future.

Just a year earlier, I had no direction, no dreams, no goals, and then, all of a sudden, I had something to work towards. It was amazing.

I looked forward to meeting the editorial board with bated breath. A year later, were they what I expected? No, they were much more.

I’d like to introduce you to the 2011 – 2012 New University Editorial Board as I know them.


Soraya Azzawi:

This girl is driven, strong, and determined. Also, she’s a genius in a science-y sort of way. A definite academic double threat.

Dat-Vinh Nguyen:

Dat Vinh. One of the best brothers I could ever ask for in the newsroom. Always cheerful, he can make you cry from laughter and derail any workday with a good joke. Also, he’s given chopsticks all the time.

Jessica Pratt:

“The Princess of News.” Next year’s Editor-in-Chief. Jessica may seem meek when you first meet her, but her sweet exterior hides a personality that is fiery, strong and determined. The newspaper is definitely in capable hands.


Kevin Phan:

This guy left our newsroom early because he has to go hang out with Michelle Obama. Let me say that agai — he left our little office in Gateway Commons for an office in the White House. A caring and considerate personality, he’s earned everything he’s worked for.

Natasha Aftandillians:

One of my favorite writers and the first person I mention my recent clothes purchases too. She’s got pedigree too, this is her third and last year at the New U.


Jun Im:

Hands down, the most organized person in the newsroom. He’s next year’s Managing Editor and is going to complement Jessica perfectly. Also, has an amazingly ability to mispronounce any word imaginable.

Michael Chin:

What can I say about Michael Chin? At the beginning of the year, people mistook us for each other constantly (it still happens fairly often). But, in spite of that, he’s a great writer, a great guy and is destined for great things. Without him, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now.


Annie Kim:

My associate. She’s one of the sweetest people I know — perpetually busy but still able to make you feel special.


Young Kim:

Half of the newsroom’s Korean bro-dom, Young is always excited about his job. It’s impossible to be apathetic about anything when you’re working with him.

Ian Massey:

Mr. Massey, he’s probably going to be the first one of us to cut it in the journalism field. He’s also the only one of gutsy enough to run a 200-mile relay followed by a 5k the day afterwards. He might be a bit muted when you first meet him but he is very good at his job.


Justine Testado:

The most consistently well-dressed in the newsroom as well as the best copy editor I’ve ever worked with, not to take away from our others, Justine has an uncanny eye for detail and is the person I trust most to copy-check my section.

Zachary Risinger:

Next year’s entertainment editor, Zach is one of the most awesome people that could have worked in this newsroom. He’s open to anything, deeply, supremely dedicated to what he believes in and is a genuine kind soul.

James S. Kim:

A master of delicious, delicious sarcasm, James sneaks his quips into conversations like a guided missile launched from thousands of miles away.


Anna Nguyen:

The smallest Asian girl you might ever see, Anna has a ridiculously large personality. If you ever need a foot or need your gait broken down for you, she’s the one to call. Also, slightly enigmatic.


Priya Gohil:

The architect of the paper. So good that we changed ‘Layout Editor’ to ‘SENIOR LEAD EXECUTIVE PRIYA IN CHIEF DESIGN PRESIDENT.’

Joyce Chen:

Our wonderful editorial illustrator. Quietly sits at her table drawing and then surprises all of us.

Natasha Sekhorn:

A closet hipster in an ocean of very out super hipsters, she surprises me every week.

Senior Editorial:

Amanda Robbins:

Hands down, one of the hardest working people I know. Probably the only person who could keep the above group of people in line and focused. Full stop.

Gregory Yee:

Our Dear Leader, ever the mediator, and always moving forward. The best Editor-in-Chief we could ever ask for.

The New University Editorial Board, some of the best people I could ever work with. To those moving on, do work. And for those staying, I wouldn’t leave our paper in any other hands.