Provost Gottfredson Leaves for Oregon; Bryant Assumes Post

Courtesy of UC Irvine Communications

This summer, UC Irvine has lost a great asset to the university in saying goodbye to Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Michael R. Gottfredson. Known for his great strides in ongoing improvements in campus-wide academic and research quality in spite of the current fiscal climate, Gottfredson will be greatly missed by the campus community and his fellow colleagues at UCI.

In his twelve-year tenure, Gottfredson contributed to explosive campus growth that was unprecedented before his time. Under his administration he oversaw the construction of over 40 UCI facilities, establishment of new schools in law and computer science, popular majors in subjects such as public health and a variety of other important aspects of UCI.

With much praise for his accomplishments, the humble Gottfredson recently received the “Extraordinarius Award” at the 2012 Lauds & Laurels event.

After a long legacy of excellence, this year the UCI Alumni Association found Gottfredson the perfect recipient for their annual commendation bestowed to an individual who prominently contributed to the advancement of the university.

With the blessings of UCI, Gottfredson now leaves Irvine for bigger things as he takes on the position of President for the University of Oregon.

But in the wake of bidding a wonderful Vice Chancellor goodbye, UCI also welcomes Susan V. Bryant as Interim Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost.

Not only an internationally acclaimed biologist with a wealth of experience in research, but also having a four-decade long history of excellence at UCI, Professor Susan V. Bryant’s experiences make her well-prepared to succeed Michael R. Gottfredson for the 2012-2013 academic school year.

Joining the UCI faculty in 1969, Bryant has held a range of positions at the university including Dean of Biological Sciences and Vice Chancellor of Research.

She now will be suspending her short-lived retirement to serve once again at UCI as Interim Provost.

Speaking on the qualifications of Susan V. Bryant, Chancellor Michael Drake commented on not only her academic research achievements, but also her outstanding leadership and administrative skills that have made her one of the most well-respected administrators by faculty members, staff and students alike.

In her new role as Interim Provost, Bryant will oversee academics and operations by taking responsibility for the schools, current research programs and developing financial strategic planning.

Bryant will also be in charge of development and maintenance of high-quality faculty and students, while maneuvering around the tricky budget challenges that face her this upcoming school year.

Based on her credentials, Bryant will continue the legacy that Gottfredson established during his long tenure here at UCI. Her proven leadership skills and experience on campus form a reputation that precedes her, and she will need every bit of it to manage the university through 2012-2013.