Members of the Sunday Club: Are you ready for some football?

When you think about September, what comes to mind? Perhaps you picture the end of summer: shorter days, cooler weather. Maybe you think of the commencement of the annual school year, the beginning of the autumnal season or the approaching holiday season. As a sports fanatic, September marks a much more exciting period.

When I think of September, I think about baseball — thrilling, down to the wire games, pennant races, heartbreaking losses and memorable performances.

It means we are one month closer to the tip-off of the NBA season, which as a Lakers fan I couldn’t be more amped for.

It means the return of football. From the Friday night lights of high schools to the excitement of an upset Saturday in college football and the Sunday mornings spent lethargically lying around rooting on your favorite NFL team from the couch — nothing screams September to me more than flying pigskin.

Of course, September doesn’t simply mark the start of the NFL season; it signifies the beginning of the popular fantasy football season.

For those unfamiliar with fantasy football, imagine being on the playground as a kid. It’s time to play some kickball. You are chosen to be a team captain. Your goal is to pick the biggest and baddest kids on the playground to ensure that your team dominates the competition. It’s pretty much the same thing, except there are hundreds of players to choose from.

By now, many fantasy seasons are well underway. Some of you are probably ecstatic for having drafted players like QBs Matt Ryan or RGIII  in the later rounds, and some of you are probably kicking yourself for overlooking players like WR  Julio Jones or RB Stevan Ridley.

However, the season is still young. If I have learned anything from playing fantasy football over the last seven years, it’s this: don’t panic — stay calm, buy low and sell high. The sport of football is really unpredictable, so don’t let week one crush your dreams of being crowned your league champion.

Players like Michael Vick who were projected to have good statistical seasons started the season pretty awful. Meanwhile, other players like Mark Sanchez had astounding debuts. Does that mean Sanchez will have a better year than Vick? Probably not, but that does mean that players will begin to decrease in value and when that happens, it becomes easier for you to acquire them.

Sometimes the players you drafted simply won’t cut it. Be realistic: making trades is highly encouraged if you feel your team can be improved.

A few final words of advice: just like any other sport, you have to be more diligent and committed than the rest of the competition. Check the waiver wire regularly, stay informed about player injuries, read about player match-ups and make sure to wake up early to guarantee the best possible lineup. Anyone can play fantasy football, but only a few will be crowned champions.

Best of luck on your fantasy season!

Any questions regarding fantasy questions can be sent to @diegeaux on twitter.