Starting Off the Year with ASUCI

David Conley | New University

Get the most out of your fall quarter with these upcoming events.

Every year, UC Irvine and ASUCI offer a myriad of special events for both new and continuing students to enjoy. Between Aldrich Park After Dark and Shocktoberfest, there are a few interesting things coming up this fall for your entertainment.
Welcome Week events: The Anteater Involvement Fair kicks off a week of events on Monday before classes start on Thursday the 27th. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the hundreds (literally) of clubs that UCI has to offer. Any Anteater will tell you that the best way to get the best experience out of the only UC in the OC is to get as involved as possible. Clubs are definitely one of the easiest and most accessible ways of doing that.
Another event worth attending during the Welcome Week festivities is Late Night at the ARC, which is also on Monday. With the Anteater Recreation Center being what it is, there’s a ton of fun stuff to take part in, whether it’s trying out the rock wall or checking out some of the different classes that the ARC hosts. Ever wanted to learn how to be a better cook? Ever wanted to be a fencer, a sailor worth their salt or find your center in a yoga class? The ARC is the place to do it.
On Tuesday, take part in UCI’s third attempt to break the world record for the largest dodgeball game every completed. For a chance to be a part of history, check out this event and be sure to attend.
Aldrich Park After Dark on Wednesday night is the culmination of the pre-Thursday events, with a concert being held on the upper lawn of Aldrich. With past acts like Shwayze, Chiddy Bang and Shiny Toy Guns, UCI is no stranger to big-name artists that play their hearts out in the park.
For more information about the rest of the events of the week, check out the Welcome Week section of the ASUCI website for more information.
Shocktoberfest: UCSD has their Sun God festival and other UCs have their similar signature events, and UCI hosts their very own called Shocktoberfest. Essentially, this event is a street festival and a big concert in the Bren Events Center. Tickets in the past have been relatively difficult to get and have switched to being acquired by online means, but the relative difficulty of getting tickets has remained. Be sure to be on top of your game if you want to attend.
Other events: For students new to the Irvine campus, things like the weekly farmers market every Saturday morning and the occasional ASUCI Vendor Fair on Ring Road are regular occurrences that provide ways of purchasing anything from fresh, local fruit to clothing and jewelry, among other things. On that note, also look out for clubs selling boba or other food items in order to raise funds for their organizations. One will quickly discover why screaming “2-dollar boba!” at the top of your lungs is an inside joke that only your fellow Anteaters will understand.
Case in point, there are plenty of opportunities to experience anything, from live music to a giant game of dodgeball at UCI. This campus is truly what one makes of it, as the opportunities to get involved are everywhere. The Anteater Involvement Fair will be as good a place to start as any. Get out there, ’Eaters.