Netanyahu On Nukes

One of the most important leaders in the Middle East and Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, wants the American voters to elect a president who is willing to draw a “red line” with Iran because he thinks Iran is getting closer and closer to nuclear bombs. He wants to warn the Americans about Iran and believes that the American people will consider his powerful message.

Now, politically speaking, Netanyahu and Obama do not like one another and have opposite views on certain topics. Netanyahu is convinced that Iran is hiding nuclear weapons and that is why he wants Romney to win the election because he shares Netanyahu’s aggressive views on Iran. Romney has allied himself personally with Netanyahu, casting the Israeli leader as a longtime friend for over 35 years. Since the elections are just weeks away, the Obama campaign operation believes that Netanyahu is deliberately meddling in the American presidential election.

I understand the reason why the Prime Minister is outraged; he thinks Iran has a hold of the rich uranium for an atomic bomb, and that is why he wants the red line to be drawn before it is too late.

The P5+1 is a group of countries that have joined the diplomatic efforts with Iran in regard to its nuclear program. There are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany, and the rest are China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries have monthly talks with Iran about the safety of nuclear weapons, and they are set to have a very important meeting in New York next week.

Here, they will put Iran under a lot of pressure in regards to its nuclear weaponry. These meetings are beneficial to the Iranian public, and I believe it is a smart move on behalf of the P5+1 to further discuss the details about the recent allegations that have been taking place with Netanyahu.

The P5+1 and Iranian leaders recently met in Istanbul to continue discussions on Iran’s nuclear program. There have been no formal negotiations as far as the meeting went, but the good news is that these discussions do occur regularly and therefore allow us to be on the ride to figure out what’s going on in Iran.

As citizens, we should be on the lookout and follow the news frequently because we need to be aware of whether or not Iran will be close to nuclear weaponry. If there were to be any atomic bombings, that would end in a tragedy and the aftermath would leave thousands of innocent people dead. A war is already torturous enough, but a chemical bombing would affect countries all over the world, leaving nothing but devastation.

While I understand how necessary it is to make sure Iran does not have any nuclear weapons, I also think that without the solid proof, we should leave it up to our faithful president (whoever will be elected) so he can make the safety of America his number one priority.

Netanyahu cannot take no for an answer and that is why he continues to urge the U.S. to set activate for force in Iran.

Talma Salmassi-Arakelian is a fourth-year English major. She can be reached at