News In Brief

Successful Aging Series Commences 

This past week, UC Irvine’s program in Geriatrics announced that the John B. Parker Successful Aging series will commence in 2013, thanks to much needed donor support.

UCI’s program in Geriatrics, focusing on the ever-increasing elderly population growing in Orange County as the Baby Boom Generation approaches retiring ages, is ranked 35th in the entire nation.

The Senior Health Center is led by geriatricians, doctors who care for the elderly, and is completely equipped with a team of psychologists, pharmacists, nurses and social workers dedicated to cater to the needs of older adults.

The Parker series has been established to help older adults become well-educated, informed consumers of healthcare services, and thanks to donor support, they can continue their work informing the community.


UCI Offers Free Classes for the Masses

In an international effort put together alongside educational company Coursera, UC Irvine announced last Thursday its partnership with 16 other top universities in offering online courses, free of charge, to globally promote higher learning.

Contributing fundamental courses in principals of public health, microeconomics, algebra, pre-calculus and introduction to biology, UC Irvine is helping the Coursera class catalog grow with essential courses for global learning.

Dean of Continuing Education, Gary W. Matkin, commented on the new joint effort with UCI saying, “UCI’s agreement with Coursera advances our ability to fulfill our public and land-grant missions of providing inexpensive access to high quality university education.”


OC Officials Warn Public of Typhus Outbreak

Authorities of the Orange County Vector Control Unit recently issued a warning to the public regarding an upsurge of flea-born typhus in the greater Orange County area.

Endemic Murine typhus, commonly known as flea-born typhus, is a bacterial infection found in infected fleas. The exact number of cases this year is still under investigation, but could be as high as 25.

The cases have mainly been reported in the northern section of Orange County but have also been seen farther south.

According to health officials, rodents and opossums are the most frequent carriers of the vector fleas, however, feral cats that carry flea-born typhus have also been increasingly reported throughout Orange County.

Health officials warn the public about leaving pet food exposed outside and say that you can help protect yourself from flea-born typhus by getting flea control medications for your pets.