An Anteater’s Guide: Registering to Vote

We’re in the middle of October, Anteaters! Most of you have probably noticed the chillier breezes, the cloudier skies and the piles of homework and tests that have popped up, but have you realized that the deadline to register to vote is getting closer? Here, we’ll break down important things you need to know about registering to vote and we’ll point out handy links that you can use to learn about voting in Irvine and as an Anteater.


Registering to Vote

The deadline to register is Monday, October 22. For slothful folk, you can now register online, in the comfort of your own home, by visiting either or Just follow the instructions on the screen (you’ll need your Social Security number as well as a Driver’s License number or Personal Identification card).

“Why is it important to register?”

Without registering to vote, well, you won’t be able to vote. Although some may think, “My vote doesn’t matter,” it does!

“I already registered to vote four years ago, I’m fine right?”

If you have moved to a new address, changed your name, or changed your political party since the last time you registered, you’ll have to register your new information.

“Where can I register to vote?”

For US Citizens (sorry, international students), you can either register online with the links that we mentioned earlier or with a printed Voter Registration Form that you can find at a nearby public library, your local DMV office, a local post office, or our city or county office.

Learning About the Propositions and Candidates

Before you head to the polling booths on Tuesday, November 6, it’s important to learn about the propositions and the candidates in order to make an informed and educated decision at the polling booth. In order to learn more about the propositions, visit or


Voting on November 6th … or Voting by Mail

The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on November 6.  Where will I be able to vote?

Those living on-campus in Middle Earth, Mesa Court and Campus Village will be able to vote in either the Bucklebury Study lounge or the Mesa Court Academic Center. Those living in Puerta, VDC, Camino or VDC Norte will head to the VDC Community Center to cast their vote. Off campus residents can look up their address online at the Orange County Registrar of Voters website.

“How do I vote by mail?”

For many college students, Irvine is their temporary home for the school year. Many students may find it easier to vote by mail, which allows them to be registered voters in their home county and vote for their own congressmen all the way from Irvine. However, when you do register by mail, be sure to remember to put your current Irvine address as your mailing address so that your mail-in ballot will be sent here.


Remember ‘eaters, your vote counts! So be sure to register before October 22 so you can head to the polls on November 6!