The Undercover Profiler: DIY Club

Courtesy of Belester Benitez

Here’s the rub. When I walked into the DIY Craft and Art Club workshop last Monday, I was a bit disconcerted for two reasons: I was one of two guys among a sea of girls, and there were generous amounts of the New U’s latest issue strewn across the floor, ready to catch any excess glue that might spill over during crafting. I never got over the fact that our lovely newspapers were splayed on the ground, but I did realize that being around that many girls was not a bad thing. With a lighter attitude and an interest in the crafts I saw around the room, I took in the workshop and gathered that this is a very fun and interesting club.

After being welcomed, the work-shoppers divided themselves into three groups, depending on which of the three showcased crafts they desired to make. You could learn to make yarn balls, magazine bowls, or felt pencil cases. As for myself, I decided to learn how to make yarn balls, a fairly simple craft. One method, as explained by club member Alyssa Wolk: You create a “slightly thick but runny” mixture with glue and corn starch.  Into this blend you submerge your yarn, which you then wrap around a blown-up balloon. After you are finished adding the desired amount of yarn to your balloon, you let it sit for 24 hours and  then slowly let the air out of the balloon . You’re left with a beautiful yarn ball.

In total, about 45 people attended the workshop, and even though this made for a very crowded Humanities Hall classroom, it was a welcoming environment and there were enough supplies for everybody to participate. One thing I really appreciated about the club was that as the workshop progressed and a few late-comers trickled in, they were always greeted by one of the club members, informed on how the workshop worked and encouraged to partake. I also enjoyed the fact that DIY is a tranquil club, whose focus is to unwind and have fun while making arts and crafts.

“We are providing a space for people to craft, and materials, and I guess showing them guidance if they don’t know how to make anything, so it’s just providing a space, time and lessons,” co-president Jennifer Trieu said, in regards to the club’s mission.

“It’s very like, easy-paced, it’s not a professional club where you don’t have to you know, come and network and be all professional, it’s totally opposite of that,” co-president Angela Taslakian said.

“It’s just someplace where you can be fun and learn new things and create new things. I mean something sort of non-academic to do and it’s just you know, no stress, you don’t have to study or anything, take time, and you can always bring the stuff home to finish so it’s no rush.”

So there you have it, my beautiful anteaters. If you are looking to relax, have fun and learn some new ways to craft, then you should definitely look into the DIY Craft and Art Club. The club would like to emphasize that you do not need to have any prior crafting experience to become involved, everybody is welcome. Meetings are every other Monday from 6-8 p.m. in HH 236, and the remaining meetings will be held weeks 4, 6, 8 and 9. There are club fees, but they only run $3 for the entire year.

DIY would also like to encourage males to come out to their club meetings.

Angela Taslakian jokes, “If you don’t know how to make things, but you want to be cool and creative, like make presents for your girlfriend or your mother or as like a birthday kind of thing for your aunt or grandma, you know girls like homemade things, things that you made yourself, so you come on by and we’ll teach you how to do it.”

Even though she was laughing as she said this, I can assure you that this is an excellent opportunity to make any of the important women in your life smile. With a friendly approach like this, who wouldn’t want to join this club? Take note, boys.

And if that hasn’t convinced you yet, maybe their motto will: “Whatever, whatever, cats are forever.”