Four Times the ‘Adventure’

Courtesy of Cartoon Network

What time is it? “Adventure Time!”

Welcome to the land of Ooo, a post-apocalyptic version of our earth where magic has returned and chivalry is the code. Meet our heroes: Finn the human and Jake the dog, two of the best adventurers in Ooo who are on a daily quest to rescue princesses, save townspeople and defeat the bad guys. In Pendleton Ward’s epic tale of a boy and dog with a thirst for justice and magical powers to fight, anything can happen.

Finn, a 14-year-old human who is the last of his kind, has sworn to help anyone in need. At times, he doesn’t particularly know how to do it and is constantly challenged with moral dilemmas as well as life problems. For that, he is helped by his shape-shifting dog, Jake, who joins him in his quests while also providing cleverly-worded humor provided by the great voice-acting work of John DiMaggio.

Together, they embark on helping those in need, which are mostly princesses such as the preppy-nerdy Princess Bubblegum, the valley girl-accented Lumpy Space Princess, Flame Princess and Lady Raincorn — Jake’s girlfriend.

This may sound like a simple kid’s show on Cartoon Network, but disguised under all the slapstick humor, colorful animation and comic fighting lays a cleverly produced allegoric satire that incorporates themes of existentialism, love, morality and the concept of enjoying life to the fullest.

The character development and simple storyline reminisce the good old times of cartoons in our childhood. For the ’90s generation, the show acts as a nostalgic reminder of hours spent playing video games and role-playing adventures, and celebrates nerd culture with its vast number of references to Nintendo, D&D and card games. Character interactions and dialogue are packed with plenty of alliteration, clever innuendos geared towards the older audience and memorable songs by Finn, Jake and co.

With a cult following of millions around the world, the current fourth season is a great place to begin watching “Adventure Time,” as there’s no need to watch the previous seasons to be part of the action. With its in-depth character development and heartwarming plots, this season is proving to be the most mature thus far. This could not be a better time to catch a glimpse of what makes this show so magical and be transported to the algebraic times that used to be our childhood.

Final Rating: 5/5