Attack of the Super PACs!

Dear Proposition 32 proponent,

I’m just going to say it like it is. You are not a smart person. I understand that I shouldn’t be making dispositional attributions about you, but really, you’re about to make a terrible, terrible decision. You want to vote to de-voice workers across the state, while maintaining that major corporations can single-handedly decide elections. How is that a good idea?

I understand that you think that this proposition “stops special interests,” but you clearly didn’t read the fine print. Or, perhaps, you have just been duped into believing the sheep around you.

I don’t enjoy you misrepresenting this issue.

Let’s be honest: this isn’t about you wanting to triumph true democracy by putting an end to lobbying by special interest groups. This is about you trying to eliminate certain minority groups and major donors to the Democratic Party.

Proposition 32 is a sham, and does exactly the opposite of what it claims to stop. By voting for this prop, you are saying that corporations, who have donated almost $1 billion to political campaigns in California in the last ten years. Corporations already outspend the middle class 15 to 1.

Is completely silencing unions something that will help equal representation? Not to mention, only 1 percent of corporations in California use payroll deduction for political giving.

That means that 99 percent of the corporations in California that donate (mostly to Republican campaigns) would be unaffected by this bill.

What’s worse, this proposition creates a giant loophole for huge LLC’s and real-estate trusts which don’t technically fall into the “corporations” category.

That means that many of the billion-dollar businesses that are funding this campaign (as well as many other arch-conservative, anti-women, anti-equality campaigns) would be found exempt from their own proposition. Interestingly enough, Super PACs are also exempt. Meanwhile, Californian workers still won’t be able to come together and collectively fight for issues to improve their lives and environment.

Proponents like you try hard to convolute the issue. You use absurd, extremist arguments involving cases of teacher abuse and moot points about the budget to distract voters from the real issue at hand. You use extreme language like calling opponents “child molesters” and “sociopaths.” All while cleverly avoiding what the proposition is actually about.

You have developed a sense of “Bumper Sticker Mentality.” You believe something if it is short enough, and sounds good enough, to fit on a bumper sticker. Without looking at the facts, you’ve already decided to play the role of judge, jury and executioner.

It’s no surprise you fell for it either. The proposition has had some major donors to ensure you hear their catchy commercials or jingles on radio. Personally, I find it very telling of a political campaign that supports and donates to the cause.

I know this probably won’t sway your vote. Mostly because you’re too close-minded and care too little about other people’s opinions to have read this far, but I hope you will go back and do a little research before you vote. Perhaps, try researching sources that don’t resort to scare tactics and logical fallacies.

Or, just be a good person who values equality within a democracy, and vote NO on Proposition 32.

Justin Huft is a fourth-year psychology and social behavior and social ecology double major. He can be reached at