Bursting the Irvine Bubble: Why The World Loves Barack

You’re probably sick of hearing about the election. In all honesty, I’ve reblogged enough memes of Romney being rich and Obama having swag for one lifetime. Alas, this one more article will be dedicated to the election, but bear with me, because this one’s interesting; this one deals with the world. American citizens are not the only people affected by our decision to vote in a presidential election. Every US presidential election affects the entire world. The US is a major global power. You know this.

Global Post, an American world news source, has interviewed 100 people from 20 different countries about the 2012 US presidential election. I dig Global Post. They have done exactly what I wish I had the means to do. And what’s the general consensus on whom the world wants as the next US president? Drum roll please.
Barack Obama.

This isn’t awfully surprising. If you were shocked by that answer, learn more about the world. When you do, you will find that the world likes it when the US has a democrat in office. First off, people like the idea of subsidized health care. In case you didn’t know, a good portion of the world operates under a universal health care system. Another reason the world is going blue is because many are wary of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy. This I don’t understand because his knowledge of geography just barely outmatches Sarah Palin’s. I can bet that you could name any country and Romney can tell you exactly what isn’t next to it.

People in countries like Egypt, Cuba and France have more respect for the American people because we elected our first black president. Agreed. Who doesn’t love a little diversity in the White House?
“I think it’s exciting to have a multicultural president who represents a wider spectrum of people in the United States,” said Gil Brakenbury of the UK. “He’s a good role model for the rest of the world.”

Ultimately, a major recurring goal stated by the people on Global Post for whoever the next US president is, is that they must try to bring peace upon the world. But what questions will future pageant contestants have to have to answer? I think if anyone is going to have a crack at it, he better stick to his promise. If world peace ceases to be the popular desire for most people, I wouldn’t want him to be changing his mind.

For those of you who need a bit more convincing, listen up. Your vote matters more than you know. It matters to a child born in the US with a preexisting condition and it matters to teenagers in Afghanistan learning how to use an AK-47. It matters to college students looking for loans in this country and it matters to the grips of families in countries like Ethiopia and Tanzania receiving aid from the US. The US has a strong domestic and international presence. Your vote matters, so please vote responsibly.

Cleo Tobbi is a fourth-year literary journalism major. She can be reached at ctobbi@uci.edu