Legislative Branch Holds Open House

Phuc Pham | New University

Students gather at the open-door meeting to learn about and ask questions to their ASUCI school representatives.

The ASUCI Legislative Council held an open house last Tuesday   to allow UC Irvine students to ask  council members questions and  to increase interaction between the student government and the student body.

Before the open house began, the Council passed legislation that appointed senior Sabreen Shalabi to an open seat on the Council for the School of Social Sciences and junior Rame Bashir to an open seat for the School of Biological Sciences. Both representatives will serve until their terms end after fall quarter. The Council also passed legislation titled R48-10, which grants ASUCI the ability to teach students about Proposition 30. The entire proceeding was open to the public.

Attendees were then able to talk one-on-one with the representatives of their school and the At-Large representatives about the issues affecting them and what they would like to see from the Council in the future.

For some attendees like UCI senior and Chair of Judicial Board Nicole Bastos, it was one of the few times they were present with the Legislative Council in an informal setting.

“I think that what I like the most was that people actually got to know who was representing who,”  Bastos said.

“And that information is really good to know because it gets people to talk and perhaps make friends and maybe discuss things that they may not feel comfortable discussing.”

The Council also used the open house to announce the creation of internship positions on the Legislative Council. The internship position would last one academic quarter and would require that the intern attend at least one council meeting a week and work under a representative on the council. This position presents a new internship opportunity for those interested in ASUCI and who want to get involved in student government.

Many students were lured to the event by the promise of free food, but even then, some members on the Council had expected more people to show up.

Representatives such as senior Hassan Mukhlis had hoped for a higher turnout, but was still happy to see that fellow UCI students were interested in ASUCI.

“Personally I was hoping for more people that I didn’t know come out, but I feel that since it was pushed back a week we did have a setback in the advertising, so we lost out on that,” Mukhlis said.

“But the intentions were there. Hopefully the next council can continue it, but overall I think that it was a pretty good success.”

The open house was originally scheduled for Oct. 23, but was rescheduled when the Bill Clinton initiative was scheduled for the same day. This caused the council to postpone the open house for another week.

According to At-Large Representative Nicole Hisatomi, a junior at UCI, even though the event had to be rescheduled, it nevertheless proved to be a success in informing students about Legislative Council

“I talked to a lot of the people that were there and they actually really liked it,” Hisatomi said. “They said that they didn’t know what Leg Council did and now that they came here they know what we do and they’re thinking about running or applying for the internship.”

Despite the turn-out, the Legislative Council plans for another open house later in the year.

“We’re thinking about maybe doing one next quarter, maybe in preparation for the spring elections,” Hisatomi said.