No ‘Revolution’ Here, NBC

Courtesy of NBC

Set in a dystopian future where all electricity has disappeared from the Earth fifteen years ago, “Revolution” is NBC’s most recent dive into becoming a major player in network television again. The premise of the series is promising and is aimed directly at our generation.

The main cast is comprised of several characters, the two youngest and most applicable being Charlie and Danny Matheson. Charlie is the older sister who takes it upon herself to watch over Danny ever since their mother left them after what has become known as “the blackout.” Danny is the younger brother. Other initial characters include their misplaced uncle, Miles, their surrogate mother, Maggie Foster, and the bumbling geek, Aaron Pittman.

The adventure begins when a militia calling itself the “Monroe Republic” shows up in Charlie and Danny’s town, asking for the arrest of their father. Their father agrees to leave, but Danny overreacts and raises a gun in defense. The resulting violence ends with their father dead and Danny in chains, serving as the captive in the stead of their father. Charlie is absent during the brawl, but she reaches her dying father just in time for him to tell her to save Danny and find her uncle, Miles. Charlie promises to do so and sets out with Maggie and Aaron to Chicago to find her uncle Miles, beginning what I assume is an epic quest.

However, only the supporting cast is likeable. Miles, Maggie, Nora and even Captain Neville of the Monroe Republic all have their shining moments here and there, which keeps the flow going. Charlie cannot seem to stop furrowing her brow or wrinkling her forehead no matter what mood she is supposed to be in, and Danny is constantly whining about his situation. It is very difficult to come to like or even enjoy these characters, which is disappointing since they seem to be the characters with whom the creators and writers want us to relate.

The show also isn’t — excuse the pun — revolutionary. Much of the pacing of “Revolution” is dry and seems like a poor reenactment of shows that have utilized the flashback sequence.

The show focused on a wild goose chase to save Danny from the Republic instead of the much more interesting quest to turn the power back on. Thankfully, that horrible “Chasing Danny” arc is over and the show finally gets a chance to focus on other story elements. With this, we may finally have a plot that is worth investing ourselves over.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5