Fast Times with Mindy Kaling

“The Mindy Project” features Mindy Kaling, best known for her recurring role on “The Office” as the chatty Kelly Kapoor. Kaling created and stars in her new project, which sounds like a reality show but is, in reality, a fictional comedy.

The pilot introduces Kaling as Mindy Lahiri, a witty physician, living the single life in the big city. Lahiri shares her love affair with romantic comedies and how she is on the search for her own.

Kaling and her quick-paced and witty narration compliment her comedic acting. The show’s humor is reminiscent of Kaling’s previous and hilarious character on “The Office.” Kaling’s former co-star Ed Helms, who played Andy Bernard in the aforementioned show, makes an appearance as a prospective love interest for Lahiri, offering a hilarious cameo you won’t want to miss.

At the hospital, Lahiri’s time is spent gossiping with her co-workers, watching romantic comedies in the break room and occasionally delivering a baby. Audiences are introduced to Dr. Reed (Ed Weeks), who plays a charming and good-looking co-worker with a British accent, who scandalously hooks up with Mindy from time to time. Then there is gynecologist Danny (Chris Messina), the other male co-worker, who is pretentious and cocky. Audiences will love to hate Danny because his purpose seems to be simply to challenge Lahiri at everything, constantly giving unwanted relationship and work advice.

Other minor characters include fellow female co-workers Shauna (Amanda Setton) and Betsy (Zoe Jarman). Also, Anna Camp, known for her most recent success in the comedic film “Pitch Perfect,” plays Lahiri’s best friend. She brings a similarly serious but silly addition to the show, much like she did in the film.

Four episodes into the season, “The Mindy Project” seems promising, with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s influence on Kaling being apparent in dialogue and performance. The show does not follow a strict storyline, so if you want to tune in now, you won’t be lost.

Depending on your taste in humor, this may not be the show for you. The show is on right after “New Girl,” which features the charming Zoey Deschanel, with both shows being directed at young women. However, if you liked the quick wit of the classic “Gilmore Girls,” this one has a similar rapport.

Rumors circulating the internet is that the new show has been picked up for an entire season but may be cancelled after. Hopefully this is just a rumor! A many great shows start off slow in the first season and develop into fan favorites (“Parks & Recreation” and “Arrested Development,” I’m looking at you).

However, LA Times television critic Robert Lloyd claims the show will “be just fine.” We both can’t make any promises, but I agree. I don’t see this show going anywhere any time soon, and if it does, I sleep easy knowing that Kaling will not have trouble finding work and be quick to give us that quirky charm fans know and love.

Rating: 4.5/5