The Column of Babel: Alireza from Iran

Unlike many of the other international students on campus, Alireza Farahmand immigrated to the US from Iran with his family before beginning his studies at UCI. Farahmand is 25 years old and is a Ph.D candidate in civil engineering. He has been studying in the United States for two years and plans to continue for another three. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Iran and Germany in a joint program of which he is part.

Although he enjoyed his time in both his home country and in Germany, Farahmand is pleased with his schooling in the states and loves Irvine. Farahmand appreciates how clean and new the city is but most of all, relishes in the diversity in the city and on the UCI campus.

“I love [the diversity], especially on campus,” Farahmand said. “There are all different kinds of faces. I didn’t see this in Germany.”

When Farahmand is not researching about hydro climate extremes, he is at the ARC or practicing one of the two instruments he plays. He has learned to play the santour and the setar, both Persian instruments. Although he is not part of any bands on campus, Farahmand wishes to collaborate with western musicians for the best of both east and west.

Words for Iran:

Hello: Salam

How are you?: Chetori?

Goodbye: Khoda hayfez

Please: Lotfan

Thank you: Merci

How much is this?: Gheimateh an cheghadr ast?

Where is the bathroom?: Dastshuy kojast?

I’m hungry: Man goshnameh

I’m thirsty: Man teshnameh