News in Brief Week 3

Professor Pleads Not Guilty to Arson 

After being held without bail since his arrest on July 27, former UC Irvine professor of pharmacology Rainer Klaus Reinscheid pleaded not guilty to all counts last Thursday.

Accused of plotting to burn down University High School after allegedly setting fires at the homes of several school officials, Reinscheid faces a total of nine felony arson charges, one count of attempted arson and a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. The ninth felony charge of arson was added early last week, but prosecutors have yet to release details as to what prompted the new charge.

Police have continued to investigate the incidents of last summer since Reinscheid’s arrest. If convicted, Reinscheid faces a maximum sentence of 24 years and four months in a state penitentiary.


UCI Freshmen Applicants at Record High 

With a record high of 60,619 freshman applicants and more than 15,000 transfer applicants, a total of 76,235 students applied this past fall for the opportunity to attend UC Irvine and become Anteaters.

This record high of 76,235 marks a nine percent increase from last year’s pool and ranks UCI as the fourth-highest campus in the UC system based on number of applications.

“The numbers demonstrate once again the high demand for a UC Irvine education,” Brent Yunek, assistant vice chancellor for enrollment services, said.

The data from this year’s applicant pool shows an astonishing 50 percent increase in nonresident applications and a 21 percent increase in underrepresented minorities — predominantly from a 26 percent increase in Chicano applicants.


MSU Hosts Islam Awareness Week 

In an effort to “encourage dialogue, dispel misconceptions, and bring thought-provoking content to the entire campus community on topics related to Islam,” the UC Irvine chapter of the Muslim Student Union (MSU) will be hosting Islam Awareness Week this Tuesday through Friday.

In the spirit of encouraging discourse amongst the campus, this Thursday, Jan. 24, the MSU will be challenging women on campus to wear the traditional headscarf — a hijab — to walk a day in the shoes of a Muslim woman.

The challenge will be followed by an evening event wherein participants will reflect on their experiences throughout the day.