Regents Meetings Recap

Tuition unlikely to increase for the 2013-14 year amidst discussions of change.

Undergraduate tuition will likely stay at its current level for the next year, but change was the predominant theme at the UC Board of Regents meeting last week.

UC President Mark G. Yudof said undergraduate tuition, which now stands at around $12,200 apart from housing and campus fees, would stay the same if much of Governor Jerry Brown’s 2013-14 state budget is adopted. The budget sets a five percent increase in state funds to the UC for the next year.

More than 50 graduate school programs, however, may find themselves with higher fees.

The Regents were set to increase fees for 56 professional degree programs from 1.5 to 35 percent in November, but postponed at the request of Governor Brown. Yudof said Thursday that the programs would still require the extra income the fees would generate.

Governor Jerry Brown, who was present at the meeting on Wednesday, said that the UC and CSU universities must continue to adapt to factors that affect higher education, including technology and global competition. In line with his previous comments regarding the UC, Brown suggested the UC must lower its spending by lowering instruction costs and getting students to graduate faster.

Brown also criticized the high executive pay for new campus chancellors and administrators, drawing remarks from several regents. Regent Richard Blum said the UC must continue recruiting and not underpay the best leaders.

The Regents and the governor both pushed for the expansion of online education, particularly as a more available avenue for community college students to receive credit and transfer into the UC.

President Yudof is also looking to have between 10 to 15 percent of undergraduate courses to be online. Professors can take part in an incentives program to create online courses, which would be of “high quality.”