The Gamer’s Corner: ‘Devil May Cry’ has a New Edge

Capcom’s reboot of the “Devil May Cry” franchise has had mixed reactions from the beginning, but the new “DMC” is a bold reimagining of the classic series that carefully balances both new and familiar ideas. The purpose of “DMC” is delivering an incredibly fun and intense third-person action game experience. While the essence of “Devil May Cry” remains the same, the characters, the world and the combat are quite different from what has come before.

“DMC’s” Dante appears very different from the classic Dante at first glance. It’s more than just his new haircut, as the new Dante looks more aggressive and ragged compared to the previous Dante. His looks are deceiving, and aside from the new Dante’s increase in profanity, he still comes across as a fun, stylish character.

The game’s world is what really defines this new adventure. While the human world of “DMC” envisions its dystopian future, most of the time in “DMC,” Dante will be dragged into a world that overlaps with our own called Limbo.

In addition to being a place where demons spawn to fight Dante, Limbo is a unique setting because it too is trying to kill Dante. For example, as you are running through Limbo, pieces of the floor will break off and separate to create holes large enough to fall through, and at the same time buildings are moving into each other to attempt to crush Dante. The hostile environments of Limbo are really cool because of how unpredictable they are. It doesn’t hurt either that “DMC’s” Limbo environments are really visually appealing to watch unfold.

Courtesy of Capcom

The combat has also seen an overhaul. The new Dante is still armed from the beginning with his signature sword and handguns, but he quickly begins to acquire new weapons. Dante’s weapons in “DMC” fall into three categories: angel, demon and human. While Dante defaults to his human weapons, you can activate one of the other two by holding down the trigger. Constantly swapping between the three styles is central to both combat and platforming in “DMC.”

Combat focuses on timing, which is highlighted when the weapon glows. Since it is really easy to link the three types of weapons together in a combo and the game now explains how the grading for each fight works, it is a lot of fun trying to play as best as you can. “DMC” supports this kind of experimentation in combat considering you can fully refund moves you don’t like and replace them constantly.

“DMC” presents an incredible, new world to explore filled with great characters combined with really fun, exciting and accessible gameplay.

Recommended: For casual and hardcore audiences. It has depth, and it’s accessible.