The Plot in You ‘Burns’

Courtesy of Rise Records

Whether it’s calling out frontmen of other bands or lyrics that fantasize about stabbing and killing someone in their sleep, there’s a strong dose of anger or hatred in essentially every track on The Plot in You’s second full-length release, entitled “Could You Watch Your Children Burn?”

It’s safe to say that frontman Landon Tewers’ talents, as not only the vocalist but also as the one who writes all the guitars and bass for the band, are impressive when it comes to the sheer technicality that some of Plot’s songs exude. Cole Worden’s drums follow suit with this, and this album is an interesting and utterly brutal ride not only through passionate lyrics, but also through complex riffs and patterns that left my head spinning at various points of the album.

The theme and lyrical content of this album seems to center around Tewer’s struggle with faith, as tracks like “Fiction Religion” and “Bible Butcher” highlight this struggle, with lyrics like “There’s not a book that can change my mind” in the latter. The rawness in Tewer’s screaming and singing talents are such that they’ll be sure to send shivers down your spine, whether they’re from sheer anguish or terror, depending on the song.

The standout tracks on “Could You Watch Your Children Burn?” are “Premeditated,” “Digging Your Grave” and “Troll.” “Premeditated” is perhaps the most downright explicit of all the tracks, with the lyrics centering around a fantasy of killing a rapist and the content of the song going into details about both the rape and the killing. While this is probably off-putting to most, I found it appealing to that part of the psyche that hopes NASCAR drivers get into crashes or watching a football player get drilled. Basically, I’m saying that Tewers is appealing to the darkest parts of our psyche that most are terrified to explore or acknowledge.

“Digging Your Grave” is definitely the angriest of all the tracks, with lyrics like “One by one I’ll tear his limbs apart” and “To your friends, fuck, fuck them all, fuck you all you worthless slime.” With little clips of the sound of someone spitting in the middle of the song, the sound of a fight of one particularly awesome breakdown and the sound of something being urinated on at the end of the song all underscore Tewers’ hate that he’s spewing throughout the entire song.

My personal favorite on the album is “Troll,” which addresses Internet haters and everyone that’s ever tried to put him down. This song for me contains the most intense breakdowns and the most memorable riffs and chorus out of all the songs for “Could You Watch Your Children Burn?”

Case in point, this album is pretty much all angry, all the time. For this genre, where intensity is the key and getting crowds to beat each other into a pulp is the goal, this album is entirely on point.

The lyrical content, for the most part, is disturbing and explicit enough to be compelling in the darkest ways, but this album is clearly not for everyone. For the faint of heart that aren’t ready to hear their beliefs get slammed into the ground like an MMA fighter, I suggest passing this one up.

For everyone else though (me included), you’re in for one hell of an amazing ride through the mind of Landon Tewers.

Only recommended if: You’re not faint of heart. This album is intense, to say the least.