Tegan and Sara Touch ‘Hearts’

Courtesy of Warner Bros

Courtesy of Warner Bros

Tegan and Sara, twin artists hailing from Canada, released their new album “Heartthrob” on Tuesday, Jan. 29. The sound of their new album resembles ’80s Madonna mixed with new-age Gwen Stefani. Their highly anticipated seventh album is currently number three on iTunes at the time this review is being written.

The sisters started 13 years ago and got their big break when manager Elliot Rodgers signed them to Vapor Records. Under their label, they have been able to collaborate with various artists such as David Guetta and Sara Bareilles. They have toured with Death Cab for Cutie, Paramore and The Killers, to name a few. This spring, they will be headlining their own tour across North America and Canada. Tickets have already sold out in popular cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

The electrifying beats and memorable lyrics of their songs tell a story of love, longing and heartache. Their songs will not only inspire, but console the heart. “Heartthrob” is a must have for any music library.

Their hit single “Closer” suggests exactly what the title says — to get a little bit closer. The song is suggesting intimacy as soon as the sun goes down, but the sensuality is disguised by an innocent pop sound. One time listening to this song, and you will be singing it for the rest of the week.

However, falling in love can really hurt when you reach rock bottom. The upbeat lyrics of “Goodbye Goodbye,” are an instant moral boost for the broken-hearted. Sometimes it is better to let go of the people who never really loved you. This song resembles Madonna’s “Hung Up” single. These women have made it clear they will not be fixated on lost love.

At one point in everyone’s life, they can relate to Tegan and Sara’s song “How Come You Don’t Want Me.” It is disappointing when feelings are not mutual. The song exemplifies loneliness and how girls internalize their feelings when trying to explain why no one wants them. This mellow song is ideal for self-reflection and is easily relatable to the female demographic.

To be young and in love can be hard to capture in words, but Tegan and Sara say it effortlessly in “Drove Me Wild.” To “carry romance in the palm of your hand” is a whimsical definition of love. The combination of the pop sound and the lyrics will have every girl jumping out of their seats to dance to a new generation’s anthem of love.

The remaining tracks assemble a solid supporting cast, but a shift to a more commercial sound has caused many of their fans to second-guess Tegan and Sara’s artistic integrity. Their previous quirky folk sound has evaporated, leaving a fluffy mix of love songs. The theme of this album is about figuring out love, hence the title “Heartthrob,” and that doesn’t scream quirky indie folk music. This album exemplifies the feelings girls have throughout their experiences with love and synth-pop seems to be the best mode for expression.

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