‘Chasing’ Another Guilty Pleasure

While the British Invasion continues, The Saturdays are trying to make their big break in the American pop market while starring in their own reality TV show on E! Network titled “Chasing The Saturdays.”

The Saturdays are a British girl group similar to the Spice Girls. Compared to other current UK girl bands, The Saturdays are a bit older (ranging from 23 to 31) and focus on an older audience rather than a Radio Disney crowd.

Given the fact that there are five members in this band, the show juggles personal storylines, adventures in Los Angeles and appearances in and out of studio work. The editing is what is to be expected of any reality show: it never focuses too long on one event and has tons of fun clips of the girls talking to the camera narrating how things “really” went.

Unfortunately, the show focuses a little too much on the drama and less on the girls’ talents. So far, the girls walked the VMA red carpet, played their new single “What About Us” at Perez Hilton’s VMA afterparty, recorded some new songs and prowled the Los Angeles beaches and clubs. Their adventures promise to get more exciting as the season goes on.

One selling point of the show is that there’s somebody for everybody to enjoy, since each member of the band is shown to have an individual personality that has some key characteristic that someone is bound to relate to.

Frankie Sandford, 24, is portrayed as a fun, loving flirt who has a dark side filled with overcoming depression. She gets homesick a lot and appears to be the girl with all the main emotional drama. Will Frankie make it through the three months in America?

Mollie King, 25, has recently made headlines because of her potential ties to Prince Harry, but in the show, you see her fresh after her break up with famous Dolce & Gabbana model, David Gandy. Mollie is Frankie’s confidant and she appears to be outgoing and playful, but in “reality” she is struggling in her search for her one and only. Will she find Mr. Right rather than Mr. Right Now in America?

Vanessa White, 23, is the party animal. She loves to go out and have a good time. As the baby of the group, she is expected to be the biggest handful as well. Vanessa is the bubbly ray of sunshine thus far in the show, but will she always be the positive, comic relief?

Rochelle Wiseman, 23, recently got married to boy band singer Marvin Humes before being rushed away to the States. Rochelle has loads of personality and spirit, but has her moments while missing her hubby during their long-distance relationship. Will their relationship last, or will Rochelle go absolutely mad while she’s far away?

Una Healy, 31, is the only member of the band with a child. She has brought along her mother and daughter, Aoife Belle. Una is seen to be extremely responsible, as she should be, since she is a mom. Aside from the marital strife and motherhood problems that are guaranteed to happen later in the season, Una is actually quite boring thus far. Fingers crossed that something a little juicier happens soon.

Overall, “Chasing The Saturdays” makes a great guilty pleasure show. If you’re a guy, you get to watch a bunch of really hot girls strut their stuff. If you’re a girl, you get to envision your life as a British pop star and “relate” to all these girls. Check out “Chasing The Saturdays” every Sunday night on E! at 10 p.m., right after you get your fill of “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.”

Only recommended if: You can filter the ridiculous staging and focus on the fun-filled adventures.