How To Stop SHIP From Sinking

By now we’re sure you’ve seen the chalk on ring road, the cries of student activists and the fliers on the matter: something’s wrong with our systemwide health insurance. Many students are left with one question: is the UC SHIP sinking and what does that mean for us?

The issue with the UC SHIP debt is complicated, but we cannot let the nature of this problem overwhelm us to the point of assumption or disinterest. It is very easy to hear one or two things from a loud student voice on the topic and regurgitate that information, but in order to form an educated opinion, we need to take the time to read up on the recent UC SHIP developments.

There’s two steps to our active participation in solving this problem: One: Know the facts, whether that be reading articles published on the issue or looking up data provided on the debt. Two: Voice your own thoughts after doing so, because the path to solving the problem cannot be travelled alone by administration — this affects our livelihood, so we should be trying to figure out how to protect it.

While we encourage students first and foremost to become involved in the discussion and dialogue with our health insurance, we appreciate those in the administration, particularly Student Affairs, for providing opportunities for students to become engaged. Such opportunities include the UC SHIP forum open to all students throughout the upcoming weeks. Many people have been living under the impression that “administration made this mess so they should clean it up,” but it is important to correct that misconception.

We have seen that a majority of the student body, particularly among undergraduates, do not have the clearest picture of the issue.

In the coming months, as the UC comes to a decision on how to deal with SHIP, we would like to see more information divulged and be readily available for students to look over. Making this information readily accessible to students is vital not only for transparency but for advocacy.

Student Affairs and the UC administration have several resources at their fingertips to do so. Branches of student government and campus media are ready to jump on and be involved, and we would like to see the administration continue moving to approach this issue with increasing cooperation with the student body.

But we cannot let them do all the work for us. The path to solving the UC SHIP issue should not be traveled alone.

The UC SHIP issue has become classified as an administrative affair, but students must understand that it is theirs, even more so than the administration’s.

Yes, this wasn’t our fault, but there is no use in crying over spilled milk. What happened, happened and as much as we want to scream and shout in frustration at whoever is accountable, what is more important is finding a solution.

At this point in time, all options are on the table to stop the UC from being SHIPwrecked, which means if you have a voice, now is the time to use it — they WILL listen!

This is an opportunity for the student body and the administration to be on the same page regarding an issue that, at this point, is too deep in for us to spend all our time pointing fingers at one another.


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