Get ‘Carried’ Away with ‘Diaries’

The CW’s “The Carrie Diaries” is the prequel to HBO’s infamous “Sex and the City” and has become an instant fan-favorite. Anna Sophia Robb portrays an incredibly charming Carrie Bradshaw. She alone has everyone continuing to tune in, despite other great qualities the show possesses.

The show is set in the ’80s — where fun fashion and bright colors are in style — and switches between the Connecticut suburbs and New York City. Carrie Bradshaw lives with her father Tom (Matt Letscher) and younger sister Dorrit (Stefania Owen) in the suburbs.

The small family struggles with the loss of the girls’ mother and is learning to live in a world without her. Carrie seems to be the voice of reason. This part of the show can be heart-wrenching, watching a struggling and innocent Carrie try to fill her mother’s shoes.

Carrie’s father helps Carrie obtain a weekly internship in New York City assisting in a law office. On Carrie’s lunch break, she heads to a department store nearby and runs into young socialite Larissa (Freema Agyeman), who is obsessed with Carrie’s unique handbag that she designed herself and wants to feature it in a photo shoot.

Carrie, excited to find this new opportunity, jumps on it and goes out to events that Larissa invites her to. Larissa is not aware that Carrie is underage, so Carrie is always trying to find crafty ways to go out and do what she wants while maintaining her double lifestyle. There is always a convenient reason as to how Carrie can get away with being out in the city late at night without parental supervision at glamorous parties. This aspect of the show is a bit unrealistic, but it’s a big part in what makes the show so appealing.

Back in the suburbs, Carrie spends her time at school chatting with her friends Mouse (Ellen Wong), Maggie (Katie Findlay) and Walt (Brendan Dooling). Maggie and Walt are dating but Carrie and viewers are let in on a secret: Walt is struggling to hide his true sexuality. This too is heart-wrenching, but adds to the show’s relatability, facing hard-hitting issues that viewers can relate to.

Carrie later encounters her beau Sebastian Kydd (Austin Butler). Sebastian is a transfer student that had met Carrie a summer before, claiming her first kiss. The chemistry between the two will have you rooting for them from the start, but Carrie’s nemesis Donna (Chloe Bridges) will do anything to get in between them and steal Sebastian for herself. Sebastian is a bad boy with a mysterious and vague past, so there are many times when fans wonder what will come of the two who are constantly at odds. This aspect of the show is another one that keeps viewers coming back because fans want the bad boy to change his ways and choose Carrie above all else.

The opening and closing scenes are reminiscent of the original “Sex and the City,” with monologues from Carrie recapping her life concerns and what she learns in each episode. Admittedly, it can be cheesy, but it’s perfect for a younger crowd and can easily be overlooked by everyone else because the rest of the show is so charming.

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