Scottish Trio CHVRCHES Pleases the Ear

Courtesy of Virgin Records

Courtesy of Virgin Records

Formed in Scotland, CHVRCHES is an electronic group that has recently released an EP for the States. “Recover EP” features three tracks and an added remix of “Recover.”

“Recover” is a pleasant way to start the album. Lead singer Lauren Mayberry takes over the vocals of this track, creating essences of pop intertwined with the overall electric feel that the EP brings. “If I recover, will you be my cover?” Mayberry begs, as the song progresses from a singular beat to multiple orchestral tones that are generally pleasing.

It’s a strong start that leads into the following track, “ZVVL,” which appears to take a bit more of a slower pace. However, with vocal help from Ian Cook, the song seems to build, gathering intensity as Mayberry joins him in their chanting of the chorus, which is replaced with a repetitive instrumental breakdown.

The last track, “Now Is the Time,” is a surprisingly “ending-sounding” end to the EP. Reminiscent of ’80s electronic music, Mayberry croons as Cook chimes in during the choruses. Again, it is generally pleasant to listen to. It certainly meshes well with the lyrics that the group is trying to convey. A message to act now and think later, the song benefits from instrumentals which allow this to be delivered with spirit. For some odd reason, the song and its lyrics remind me of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.”

However, “Recover” doesn’t end here. The trio tosses in a remix of their single mixed by Cid Rim. The remix reminds me of something that would be a part of a soundtrack to an old-school video game. It seems to reversibly slow the pace of the song until an instrumental breakdown of drums reclaims the upbeat attitude that the song carries.

The EP is overall an interesting start to CHVRCHES’ recognition in the U.S. If the whole album is meant to sound like the EP, I suggest tossing it aside with the other electronic artists that are playing with synthesizers. Regardless, you can listen to the EP for free via Pitchfork. If anything, I would make “Now Is the Time” a good “go-to” song to add to a “feel-good” playlist.

Only Recommended If: You’re a fan of electronic music that doesn’t break new ground.