2013 ASUCI Spring Elections – Executive Board

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ASUCI Executive Board Candidates



Candidate(s) Running: Nicole Hisatomi


As the main advocate for the student body, the President is responsible for focusing on the general welfare of students, campus climate and administrative planning for the campus. The President serves as the Chief Executive Office of ASUCI, and Chair of the Executive Cabinet. He/she is responsible for acting on the student’s behalf, presenting student’s ideas and concerns to the administration.

President traci ishigo’s Statement:

The President position requires serious dedication and passion for addressing the multitude of issues students and the campus are facing. One should be prepared for a full-time commitment workload, and have the ability to balance their time in remaining accessible and connected to students while building legitimate relationships with key administrators, faculty and staff around campus. Most important, the President should strive for a critical consciousness about the issues facing our heterogeneous population of 22,000 students in order to understand how policies and issues affect our diverse students in order to effectively represent them in various meetings. Additional great qualities could include an innovative perspective, consensus-building skills, an ability to empower students, statewide experience and a commitment to transparency. Candidates this year should prepare to educate themselves on the complexity of issues affecting our campus around the increasing enrollments of nonresident students, the opportunities to expand student power on the various board representations students currently have, the ways that Administration and specific departments, such as Transportation & Distribution Services, can improve on the transparency of their decisions and budget allocations, the UC Student Health Insurance program, and the opportunities to tangibly improve campus climate issues.


Executive Vice President

Candidate(s) Running: Tasneem Sheriff, Melissa Gamble

Duties: In order to preserve and advocate the accessibility affordability and diversity and quality of UC Irvine, the Executive Vice President is responsible for ensuring quality student representation by appointing UC Irvine students to the University of California Student Association Board. As chair of the Legislative Council, he/she coordinates all UC-wide and state-wide advocacy efforts with all Council members. He/she also oversees all ASUCI elections and the instruction of the Lobby Core class.

Executive Vice President Andrea Gaspar’s Statement:

The EVP office is the grassroots-organizing branch of ASUCI, and the future EVP will be organizing extensive student campaigns at the campus and statewide level. We need someone that knows how to mobilize students and how to cater to their needs in order to have successful student campaigns and a successful democratic elections season. The EVP must ensure that students are registered to vote and exercise their voting rights on Election Day. In order to ensure a quality student representation the EVP needs to be someone knowledgeable of state legislature, state budget and budget issues, and regent reform issues. We need an EVP who is also knowledgeable about student diversity and bringing back affirmative action and who recognizes the student relevance to the oil severance tax and Proposition 13 reform. We need an EVP who will continue developing the student partnership with local non-profits and student organizations that will help us to build a broader coalition to push for student and human rights. It is key to have someone who will keep on building the relationship with labor unions such as AFSCME and UAW, as they are great allies and key to building powerful coalitions at the campus and statewide level in order to lobby and advocate for a fair treatment of workers and students. It is also important to have someone that will ensure the development of our Legislative Branch and keep local and statewide legislators accountable to student needs.


Administrative Affairs Vice President

Candidate(s) running: Tony Tizcareno, Tarun Patel


The office of Administrative Affairs serves as a liaison between the students and administration on issues that touch upon everyday needs, such as parking, housing and dining. The office also spearheads numerous services and businesses on campus.

Administrative Affairs Vice President Lena Hu’s Statement:

For the future Vice President, I hope that he or she will be flexible to change and comfortable with ambiguity. More importantly, I would like to challenge the future VP to have the audacity to fail countless times before reaching success; only through failures can he or she gain clarity and conviction to direct the office. Competency wise, strong project management and communication skills are essential to coordinate a team of traditionally over 80 interns and commissioners. Lastly, the nature of this office focuses on internal affairs which will always be driven by innovation and continuous improvement. A top leader will proactively strive to self-educate and initiate; indeed, this is the formula to become a thought leader for your organization.


Academic Affairs Vice President

Candidate(s) Running: Skyla Zhang, Thomas Doan


 The Vice President of Academic Affairs is responsible for finding and responding to student concerns and recommendations relating to educational quality, academic affairs and educational policy with the purpose of continuing the improvement of undergraduate education. He/she is responsible for representing the campus in both statewide and University-wide affairs.

Academic Affairs Vice President Neil Bautista’s Statement:

I believe that a candidate running for the position of Vice President of Academic Affairs should already have an inclination toward academics.  To elaborate, one should already understand the importance of preserving the highest caliber of quality education that we receive at a public institution.  This person should also want to expand the academic services that the office offers, which includes more opportunities for the student body to get involved with ASUCI classes and mentorship programs.  I really hope to see a sincere desire to not just represent the student voices, but to empower students to represent themselves. ASUCI should be an enabler, not an exclusive group of people out of touch with the campus climate and the student experience.  I want to see the candidates ENGAGE their community to become activity members ASUCI’s campaigns, even after the election.  In order to do so, I believe that the candidates should emphasize issues of transparency, financial responsibility, campus climate, and preserving and expanding our services on campus with the resources we have. I think that, too often, the general tide of the election season creates a high for the candidates to make promises of being transparent and open with the community. And quite often, that trust that they establish is breached come the following year. I want to see candidates that are here to empower their communities, to inspire their communities, and to activate their communities to a cause–any cause that a student is passionate about. Above all, an integral attribute for a candidate running for this position should be to empower students to feel agency over their education – whether that be engaging faculty in open discussions, voicing their opinions within the Academic Senate, or cultivating the value of student-taught classes.


Student Services Vice President

Candidates Running: Dominique Doan, David van Daalen Wetters


The Student Services Vice President is responsible for programming all student life, activities and entertainment, as well as evaluating each program and implementing new programs and services. It is this office that coordinates and oversees the following events and programs: dances, festivals, Welcome Week activities, movie screenings, spirit programs, concerts, pub nights, Homecoming and more.

Student Services Vice President Jessica Phan’s Statement:

I hope that the future vice president can be open to change because it is the key to creating bigger and better events. Although tradition is extremely important to preserve our campus, change is inevitable and is ultimately the catalyst that will allow ASUCI to move forward and better serve the students. I would like to see the passion, drive and sincerity in the next vice president to really listen to what the students want and not be afraid to think outside the box.