Save The New University

In the 48 years of this school’s existence, we have made breakthrough discoveries, won championships, witnessed history, suffered through tragedies, brought prestige to the public university and graduated students that would go on to change the world. For 48 years, we have had a campus newspaper reporting on these events, documenting history and informing our community. While our school continues to thrive and create history, the publication that has been there observing and reporting to our community is at risk of going out of print.

You have the power to change that.

The New University is reaching out to you, the student, to save your paper. All it takes is a few seconds out of your time to vote yes on Measure U. A few seconds to preserve the history that we have recorded and ensure the future of an integral part of a university’s existence: the campus newspaper.

Without Measure U, we might become the only UC school without a campus newspaper. Without New U, we won’t be able to produce content for students, by students, of the students.


The Facts

The New University is a completely independent undergraduate student-run newspaper. We receive no funding from ASUCI, administration or any academic departments. We do not seek to change that in order to maintain our journalistic objectivity and freedom on content decisions. For that reason, we are completely self-funded — all of our revenue comes from advertisements. Over the years, printing costs have increased to up to $1,600 per issue, a number that can no longer be supported by our advertisement revenue. In addition to printing cost, other factors such as supply expenses and advertiser consistency have impacted our economic situation. In order to cope with these losses, we have cut anywhere and everywhere we can. We’ve gone from an average 60 pages in 2007 to 24 pages in 2013. We as an editorial board have given up 50 percent of our pay (some even offered to give up their entire salary). We are now operating at a bare bones minimum. Measure U is the last option we have to keep the New U in print.

Many people ask us, why don’t you just go completely digital? The answer to that question is that eventually, we will. If we pass this referendum it will give us the resources we need to make the proper transition to a digital edition. We understand that digital is the future of journalism, but it is imperative that we face that future with the proper resources.

As students, we understand that giving more money on top of our already steep tuition fees is not exactly ideal, but a few cents to save your newspaper is well worth it. With Measure U we are only asking for 99 cents, 33 of which will go back to financial aid. This referendum will do more than save us, it will give us the opportunity to start anew. It will give us the opportunity to make this publication better for you.

From the Editors

Our editors are the beating hearts behind the print. Each of us has a different role and different perspective on why this newspaper is worth saving.

It’s hard to be proud of something when one doesn’t know anything about it. That said, we here at the New University can each say that we are proud to be Anteaters because of what we have each experienced and learned in our own unique way. We are proud to report on amazing individuals and organizations here at UC Irvine every week, and we hope to improve our capacity in comprehensively seeking out these people. At the same time, we feel it is our duty to report to students what affects us and sometimes it is not all good news. As journalists, it is our job to report the news at UCI as fairly and objectively as possible so that students can be informed to make decisions on what affects them. Measure U would give us these capacities, as well as even more of an incentive to provide students with accurate, detailed information.

Every week, our team sets out to find and report on the heart of this campus. Features delivers the most varied, sometimes creative and always informative content from writers. Our writers get to search for people, students and true game-changers and creative minds within the circular space of our campus and beyond. We scope out new restaurants, we find former Anteaters who are doing remarkable things hoping to inspire current students, we show the more personal sides of professors and we create content that allows writers and readers to learn about things that would never be taught in the classroom. We consider it our job to share stories. Without New U, these stories will remain untold.

Some of us grew up in a household where the Sports page was always the first section removed from the paper and thoroughly poured over from front to back; a sports fan looks up to legends that bat over 500, to players that sink half-court shots, to men and women that claim titles like “the fastest in the world” and to those who bike over miles and miles to cross a finish line first. Sports are proof that a person can champion anything — and the Sports section here at the New University celebrates our student athletes, their hard work and sacrifice, and their love for a game. The newspaper allows us to be in the action without stepping foot on the court or on the field. Vote yes on Measure U to suit up with our student athletes who battle it out to make history with Irvine scrolled across their jerseys.

In our Entertainment section, the New University isn’t just about writing reviews for music, movies and the like; it’s about bringing awareness to the arts programs and events we have at UCI. In a time when and at a campus where sciences can sometimes overshadow other subjects, it’s imperative to recognize the talent that our fellow Anteaters have on the other side of the Mesa Bridge.

Every week we not only seek to spotlight student accomplishments, but strengthen the student voice. The New University Opinion section allows for members of the UCI community to share their perspective, express their passion, debate issues and foster intellectual thought. Opinion seeks to amplify the voices that are seldom heard on campus and provide a space for the vociferous to express themselves. Above all else, the Opinion section is a place to hear and be heard. Opinion IS the student voice; the voice that has sparked change, the voice that has changed minds, the voice that has enlivened passion, the voice that grows stronger every day. Without the New University, that voice, the student voice, will be silenced.

The New University is the source of countless opportunities. It provides a distinguished community of peers, a priceless outlet for student voice and, more often than not, a network of close friends. It teaches the value of the written word and how to become a better writer, and raises confident leaders from its editors. It helps people mature, both personally and professionally, and be prepared for their future careers. Voting yes will ensure that current and future generations of Anteaters can receive these opportunities for years to come.

This paper means more to us than we realize sometimes. On the surface it’s a job and a paycheck, but there’s so much more beyond the exterior. It means a community, friends and a purpose.  It means not letting things wither away or be swept under the rug. It means keeping people accountable for their actions and covering national championships. It means making sure that underappreciated organizations, departments and people receive recognition. It means being members of a crucial, 48-year-old newspaper without which the University of California, Irvine would not be complete. Whether or not you feel or realize it, the New University newspaper is important for this campus. Even if you do not appreciate it now, you will surely miss it if it disappears.

Our Future

Newspapers bring about such a familiar image to the mind. Remember when boys in golf caps and vests would line the streets, newspapers in their hands, shouting “Extra, extra!”? Remember waking up in the morning and seeing Mom and Dad drinking coffee while reading the daily news? Remember skipping past pages and pages of print just to reach the Sunday comics? Times have long since changed, and print is no longer the market it used to be. The effects of this culture shift have been felt across newspapers everywhere and the New University has been hit as hard as anyone.

It’s not until our final days as Anteaters that we realize how much this university has done for us.

It’s provided us with a home, a family and a future. And the New University is our legend. It documents our voices, our actions and above all it tells future Anteaters what we’ve done to make our marks on this campus. At times we can lose sight of where we’re headed and where we’ve been, but the weekly reminder of the New University hitting newsstands reinforces everything that we’ve learned here at UCI — the people we’ve become and the leaders we hope to someday be. This paper transforms lives, brings opportunities and holds administrators accountable so that we can make this university not only a place we’re proud to attend, but a place we’re proud to leave.

We as students have the unique opportunity to help keep our school newspaper. There’s no denying the New University is in trouble, but it can be saved if this referendum passes. It takes a few seconds to go online and vote yes on Measure U.

It takes a few seconds to save our paper, a few seconds to keep our legacy alive.


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