The Bus Lovin’ Initiative

No matter who you are, the Bus Love (Anteater Express) Initiative is truly important to nearly every student.

Everyday riders of the shuttle service know how at times your ride can feel like you are in a can of sardines.

Commuter students experience the reality of having to search for an open parking spot for 15-40 minutes each day with the unpredictability on when you will make it to class.

Students with mobility disabilities face uncertainty about riding not only on the impacted shuttles, but also the Ring Road Ride cart service, as there is question whether it will continue to be provided given that the Disability Services Center faces extreme budget austerity.

Even residents of Newport Beach still fume with annoyance of how the Anteater Express could no longer afford to fund their route as of last year.

Last but not least, the Anteater Express proudly offers some of the most competitive, student-centered and well-paying jobs for over 80 drivers from a diverse set of communities at UC Irvine.

Increasing fuel and maintenance costs, combined with decreasing funding, have made it impossible for Anteater Express to maintain its current level of service. If not enough students turn out the vote to show their Bus Love during week three, there will be fewer buses on the road, service will be reduced, campus roadways and parking lots will be even more heavily impacted and students with mobility disabilities will have fewer transportation options.

Seeing the importance of these issues, the Bus Love Initiative proposes a new $8 quarterly fee that will increase by $8 each year for the next five years to support the Anteater Express.

Passing this initiative would secure current routing, provide resources to address overcrowding and allow for route and service expansion, including transportation resources for students with disabilities and Newport Beach residents.

Already, many students are supporters of the Bus Love Initiative because they see the severe need to create a financially stable future for this important student resource.

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ASUCI, the Anteater Express Drivers, the Disability Services Center and many other Anteaters are urging you to join us in voting “Yes” for the Bus Love Initiative during Week Three!


traci ishigo is a fourth-year sociology major. She can be reached at