The Cali Boys Next Door

Courtesy of Columbia Records

Courtesy of Columbia Records

Up and coming band, The Neighbourhood, released their first full length album this past week titled, “I Love You,” and it is well worth investing in, especially if you’re into indie rock. Tickets for their promotion tour are sold out across the states, and their track, “Sweater Weather,” has been made a radio hit. This band, which also goes by the acronym The NBHD, has seemingly come out over nowhere and won over audiences around the world. Although mellow and intense may seem like the ultimate contradiction, this is exactly what The NBHD does with their music.

“Afraid,” the second track on the album, has aggressive lyrics like, “You’re too mean / I don’t like you / Fuck you anyway / You make me want to scream at the top of my lungs / It hurts but I won’t fight you,” but it’s still remains incredibly catchy and lovable. The lyrics convey a vulnerability that makes it personable, and on top of a good tune, it makes for one of their best songs on the album.

“Sweater Weather,” their first hit single, is without a doubt going to be on many summer playlists. The song talks about a friend in high-waisted shorts by whom they’re captivated. Lead singer, Jesse Rutherford, sings: “I hate the beach / But here I stand / In California with my toes in the sand.” And if a song could capture the sound of a place, this song would sound like California — southern California to be exact. It’s fast-paced, captivating and breathtakingly beautiful.

According to a radio interview, the band is from Newbury Park, California, and as strange as this might sound, their music really does reflect the southern California vibe in its own way — which some could argue is an accomplishment in itself since the band has been able to successfuly capture their vision and hometown.

“W.D.Y.W.F.M?” tells a story about an unstable relationship, and the acronym asks, “What Do You Want From Me?” Although it’s a sad song, it’s beautiful (much like every track on the album) and has the potential to be the song heartbroken young adults everywhere will turn to for comfort.

Other songs, such as “Let it go,” “Flawless” and “How,” will also make the list of fan favorites, but I can’t emphasize enough that each song in this album will be a favorite, because if you like the sound of one, there is no way you cannot like the sound of another. It’s not often one finds an entire album where every track is crafted to perfection, easy on the ears and has the ability to make the feel emotionally connected to the music.

Anyone can hear a catchy song on the radio these days, but many are not like The Neighbourhood’s great quality music, so if you haven’t heard them yet, you truly are missing out on the experience they’ve created.


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