The New U Thanks U

Thank you. Thank you, dear reader, for voting YES on the Measure U referendum in this year’s ASUCI elections. Because of your actions, the newspaper that you hold in your hands at this very moment has been saved. Thanks to you, it will continue to live in print for the next five to six years, guaranteed. You have kept a 48-year-old tradition at UC Irvine alive, and the New University thanks you for that.

As we campaigned for Measure U during the first three weeks of this quarter, we were able to interact with our fellow students and subsequently hear their opinions on the referendum, particularly from the doubtful. Important matters, such as the urge to move from print to completely digital, as well as the principle of levying yet another fee on students, were raised. These are important questions that we shall address.

We have observed the state of the print journalism industry for years now, and we certainly have noticed the pressure for print publications to become more, if not completely, digital-based (like Newsweek, for instance.) It appears that this specific course will continue for some period of time. As much as we believe that a printed newspaper is essential for any university campus, we do concede that we too will become completely web-based at some point in the future. However, such a change cannot occur immediately, since we would have to undertake a massive restructuring of our operations that requires much time.

That is why the referendum is in place for five years. During this period of time, we will not only sustain a print edition of the New U, but also develop and implement a plan that would effectively allow us to slowly but surely transition to a digital format. That said, we will be focusing progressively more attention on our digital assets (so expect more stories to be published on our website, perhaps on a daily basis) and build our presence on our social media. Furthermore, we will also explore opportunities to deliver the news through other media, such as broadcast and even video.

In regards to the student fee of 99 cents a quarter that will be administered to every undergraduate student starting this fall, we hope you understand that this five-year-long fee ultimately benefits you during your time here at UCI. The newspaper you are holding in your hands is your newspaper, not just ours. And you have a role in this newspaper that goes beyond being just a reader.

As we seek to restructure internally, we also resolve to expand our content. That’s where you come in. We are always on the lookout for stories, whether they be about events, individuals, groups, clubs or organizations. Certainly you have knowledge of such potential stories — tell us about them! The purpose of this newspaper is to be an outlet for voices from our community, and you are definitely capable of being involved in this process.

The New University wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for students like you. It is a newspaper run by the students, for the students. We need your involvement, your participation, and we need you now more than ever before. You decided that we are worth saving; now help us move forward.


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